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HireXP launches Amara-an embodied conversational Chatbot in India


HireXP, a new age HR Tech company is all set to launch Amara-an embodied conversational chatbot on 1st August 2019. Amara is a smart AI enabled bot who is equipped to chat with employees at different milestones in their lifecycle and with candidates at various critical touchpoints in their decision journey to predict those who are highly disengaged and are facing an attrition risk. After a successful soft launch …

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp’s Global Outage: Here’s What happened


The services of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were recently affected as customers complained that they were unable to upload or send pictures, videos and other documents on applications. Facebook, which owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, later tweeted that they knew that individuals were having difficulty accessing the services across their applications and that they were working to solve the issue. …

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WhatsApp Braces for Payments Biz Launch, Sets up Data Storage Facilities in India


WhatsApp has set up data storage facilities within India for its payment company according to two knowledgeable individuals, paving the way for the Facebook-owned messaging app to launch full-fledged digital payment services. The development marks a significant milestone for the banking regulator of the nation, which has been firm in demanding that global payment firms store transaction data related to …

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Digital Disruption in 2018 – Part 1


We are halfway through 2018 and looking back we can see that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become ever more dominant. What else is shaping, or rather shaping up the businesses? Let us have a look. C-Suite roles are evolving Technical roles like software testing have historically sat in the …

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New Chinese Android Malware can steal all your chats on Whatsapp, FB Messenger and 12 other IMs


Security researchers have discovered a new strain of Chinese Android Trojan that is customised simply to steal your chats, shared videos, pictures and audio files. One of the Chinese apps, Cloud Module (in Chinese) was found to be infected with this malware with the package name How is this malware different than others? It was observed that instead of …

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The era of socializing

Last night I found my long lost friend on WhatsApp while browsing my contact list and to my surprise he was online and ping me. We chatted almost for an hour discussing about professional and personal lives. I was so much touched and the conversation had brought back the memories of good old school days where we use to have …

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