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We Command a Premium with Mix of our Consulting and Professional Services: Deloitte


Anoop Nambiar, Partner, Deloitte, got into a quick chat with Anuj Singhal to discuss its partnership with AWS and the value proposition that the partnership brings to the table. He highlights that technology and tools from AWS are well complementing its board-room presence, industry expertise and global experience with clients across sectors. Please share a bit of synopsis around your …

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5 Biggest Data Breaches of 2018 – What can we Learn? – Part 3

  What causes a company like the stock price of Facebook to fall in just two hours by 6 percent? It is likely that two major data breaches will be announced in one year. In 2018, the dark side had a pretty good year with more than 700 million records exposed in just 10 big data breaches, with lots of …

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2019 might be a Fight Between Foldable Phones and 5G


2019 is predicted to be one of the most important and exciting years for the tech industry. While there will be the official debut of two very exciting technological developments in the mobile world: foldable displays and smartphones equipped with 5G modems, there will also be critical enhancements in on-device AI, personal robotics, and other exciting areas.   Several vendors and …

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Commvault and Netapp Offer New Backup and Recovery Solutions


Commvault, a market player in backup, recovery, the cloud and data management products across any hybrid environment, announcedthe launch of Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery Software, at the Commvault GO 2018, in Nashville, during the company’s annual customer conference. The Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery Software is a tightly-integrated and a primary backup solution across the NetApp storage portfolio and provides more features …

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Data Loss: Where to look for a fix?


Enterprise data loss prevention (also called data leak prevention) solutions ensure sensitive data does not leave the network. Focussing on data loss via email, USB drives, and mobile devices, and identifying sensitive data stored on network file servers, they ensure your organization’s data stays in safe hands. Let’s take a look at some of the best companies providing such solutions. …

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Tata Communications bullish on data


Tata Communications, the telecom service provider today said it will continue to invest in the data business which is expanding strongly and also driving growth. The revenue of Tata Communications from voice solutions declined by about 5 per cent to Rs 2,009.54 crore from Rs 2,114.14 crore while that of data and managed services segment increased 16.7 per cent to …

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2016 is slated to be the year of Information. More than technology, this will be about strategy- of data and its utilization. Data is fast becoming the center of all business strategy and analytics is its biggest tool. Not leveraging data or not capitalising on its power could make companies go out of business- such is its influence on the …

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What’s the Big Deal with Data?


Software, data, and the crucial answers people are delivering from both are the focus of a new report released today by BSA | The Software Alliance. BSA’s “What’s the Big Deal with Data?” global report provides compelling examples of how people are improving their lives each day with data answers – ranging from helpful everyday conveniences and better urban planning, …

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Taking Business to the skies BI holds its ground

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Our increasingly connected environment, social media, and various other technologies effectively bring the customer closer and closer to the level of God, no more merely king.  There is no gap warranted between the service and product, and the customer, everything and anything that is sold is up for scrutiny and reprieve.  Most enterprises have taken this challenge as an opportunity to …

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It’s Data Privacy Day, 6 Tips to Protect Data

An Adroit Digital study found that 58% of respondents aren’t comfortable with the amount of information they have to give to get special offers or services from retailers, and 82% are uncomfortable with the amount of information online advertisers have about them. And according to a survey by SAS, more than 69% of respondents agree that recent news events have …

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