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Viral FaceApp Raises Privacy Concerns


Is a glimpse into the future worthy of your current privacy? This issue has been brought to the fore this week with the revival of a smartphone app using artificial intelligence to convert your present face into your younger and older self. People raised concerns on social media sites that all your pictures could be viewed and uploaded by FaceApp, …

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Oakland Bans Facial Recognition Tech


Oakland City in Northern California has become the second city in the Bay Area to outlaw municipal agencies ‘ use of facial recognition technology after its council unanimously voted to approve the ban. The Oakland City Council unanimously passed an order prohibiting the acquisition or use of facial technology in law enforcement by municipal organizations including city police. A final …

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Lunar Eclipse will also Celebrate the Apollo 11 Launch Day


It’s almost like the cosmos understands that we’re about to celebrate the big space anniversary. The Apollo 11 crew of NASA launched the mission on July 16, 1969, to land the first humans on the moon. Some of the planet will see a partial lunar eclipse fifty years later. The eclipse action will be visible in Africa, most of Europe, …

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Technical Glitch Postpones Chnadrayaan 2 Launch


In the early hours of July 15, India’s ambitious second Lunar mission, Chandrayaan 2 experienced a shock after a technical snag forced the Indian Space Research Organization to call off the launch for the time being. ISRO aimed to reach the moon’s South Pole where no country had previously set foot. A technical snag was observed in launch vehicle system …

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How Cisco is Changing How we Deal with an Eclipse


The last lunar eclipse of 2019 will take place on July 16 and will be visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia. However, do you know technology plays a key role in studying eclipses? One such example is how Cisco has I invented technologies to see and study an eclipse. The heritage archive of Cisco is a …

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Technology’s Role in Cricket


India lost to New Zealand in the recently concluded semi-final of the 2019 World Cup. Although the loss was heart-wrenching for the Indian cricket fans as India did not make it to the final, the team gave it their all. But do you know the kind of technologies that are used behind-the-scenes to make the match viewing experience seamless? Let’s …

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How the Cloudfare Fiasco Broke the Internet


It became apparent last week that the internet is highly susceptible to even tiny failures in a software. A week earlier, Cloudflare customers faced a notable blackout when Verizon unintentionally re-routed IP packages after it incorrectly approved a system misconfiguration from an internet service provider in Pennsylvania, USA. A couple of days later, the Cloudfare failure resulted from a single …

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp’s Global Outage: Here’s What happened


The services of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were recently affected as customers complained that they were unable to upload or send pictures, videos and other documents on applications. Facebook, which owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, later tweeted that they knew that individuals were having difficulty accessing the services across their applications and that they were working to solve the issue. …

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Paytm Logs More Transactions than UPI-Based Apps in June


Paytm’s digital payment platform on Wednesday said it had recorded more than 70 crore transactions in June 2019, more than all UPI-based payment apps, including Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Whatsapp Pay and Phonepe. Paytm has ascribed the largest amount of transactions to the flexibility it provides its big client base in choosing their preferred techniques of payment such as wallet, …

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What Does the Future of IT Careers Look Like?


With the constant volatility experienced by the IT industry, it could be expected that it will be difficult to gauge just what this landscape will look like in the future for five years. While some signature perpetrators like AI, data science, cloud computing are often thrown into the fray, tech rulers shared some amazingly severe insights into what this technology …

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