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Vtiger centralizes data at one place and provides multi-channel support | Augustus D’Souza, Product & Design Head, Vtiger

Vtiger centralizes data at one place and provides multi-channel support


  • What is the USP of Vtiger?

We build tools for customer facing teams. We are originally a CRM company. We build tools for sales people and over time we have built a lot more. The thing is, as the industry evolved, t a lot of tools emerged and each of these tools targeted one specific area of the company. You have vendors who build sales tools, vendors who build support tools and others who build marketing automation tools. The problem is that the data’s all over the place. You don’t have that single view of the customer like you should. You may have had that when you had like one or two customers. You would then have known everything about your customers. But as you grow and as you use all these tools, you know, your data is all over the place.

Augustus D’Souza, Product & Design Head, Vtiger


At Vtiger, we believe in one platform. We believe in having one system. All your data is centralized in one place and then we have built sales, support and marketing and a lot more tools around that core platform. When was the last time you spoke to a support agent and they had to ask you about what license type you have? These kind of questions should never be asked to customers. As customers, we expect more and at Vtiger we believe in building tools that help people. For example, when you open up a case as a support agent, you can see in that same screen what opportunities are currently running. Therefore you can get a lot more context about the customer and so you have a complete one view of the customer.

  • What are the benefits for customers from Vtiger solution?

The biggest benefit that customers receive is the fact that all the data can be consolidated in one place. Their data is not scattered all over the place and I think thatmeans a lot for people, especially as they scale up. I think it is very useful for organizers to get a single view of their customers.

  • What can be the biggest risk for your organization while implementing this solution?

The thing is a lot of people, when they start off tend to make decisions based on impulsive choices. It is easy to get sold over by somebody’s fancy website or a campaign. Then you invest a lot of money and time buying a tool for your sales team or for your support team or for your marketing team. Then over the next few years you realize that you are having a tough time getting all of the data in one place. The risk that we face is people not understanding how important it is to get those long term things right from the beginning.

  • What are your future funding plans?

We are investing in a lot of areas and exploring new technologies. At the same time, we are not a company that chases the latest trends but we do evaluate them. We take our time to understand how exactly we can add value for our customers. We are actually launching a completely new version of a product soon and we have introduced a lot of really cool things that can actually benefit people and sales people in their day-to-day functioning.

  • How do you market your tools?

We do some amount of online marketing, but I think our customers are our greatest marketing assets. We don’t really need to, hard sell to someone if somebody else who has the same problem talks to them about it.

  • How do you position your organization among your peers?

The key differentiator for us is we have one platform, unlike other tools and other suite of tools that other players/other vendors provide. A lot of these companies, if you go and look at the way they work, have  tools are built by separate teams. Each team has its own priorities and objectives, their own marketing strategies. End of the day it is a stitch work. All these different tools are  independent and different and I think that is the key problem. At Vtiger, we believe in having one platform and one system. So I think that’s the key differentiator for us. The fact that we do this gives us a huge advantage. We can connect our data across different verticals and different teams very easily. And I think that is something our customers have been experiencing as well.

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