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Vinay Shetty Regional Director- India & South Asia, ASUS Technology Pvt.Ltd.

“Every ASUS product is designed keeping in mind the gamers” -Vinay Shetty,

Regional Director- India & South Asia, ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd.


  1. What are Asus plans to expand its gaming portfolio in India?


ASUS predominantly has always been into the gaming segment right before anyone could venture into it.  We have our own flagship product brand line call as ROG and that is how we look at the gaming portfolio overall.  Therefore the motherboard, the graphics cards, the routers, our notebook range, wireless range, everything is gaming centric. Every product has been designed keeping in mind the gamers in this country and worldwide.


2.What is the contribution of component business to Asus overall India business?


In terms of revenue, we contribute about 18% to the overall ASUS business in India, while the other 80% comes from mobile and laptop business.


3.How is the component business of Asus growing in India?


I would not say the component business is growing, but there are different verticals in the component space like the Mini PC,  server, wireless products that have been growing at a rate  of 23 to 28% year over year.


4.In the consumer router space, how is Asus supporting the AiMesh line of products?


Most of our product lines are on the mid and high end segment and AiMesh is the key feature that ASUS has brought in here. It is a product that stands out on its own. The basic advantage is that it can connect with any router, even if it is of the competition brand. So, that is our contribution from the AiMesh point of view to the industry.


  1. What is the GTM strategyof Asus Component business?


I would divide ASUS   component business primarily into three categories– the consumer, the commercial and the retail. When I say consumer, it is still predominantly not the finished products, but more from the channel point of view. Then there is an online point of view which we call as the retail, and there is a commercial, which is a separate business entity.

SoGTM is categorically different from the channel market .Retail needs our own branding anda lot of marketing funding. The channel needs a lot of training and education. So, everything is classified in two different portfolios that are needed.


6.What is the channel structure followed for the component business?


Distributors in India bring the material for us. Then there is a sub distribution structure. Sub distributor sells to the dealer and the system integrator and finally it reaches the end user.


  1. What has been the traction of the newer products like ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 and Lyra Voice?

In terms of traction, I think it’s really new to the market. The users scenario or to understand this kind of high end routers is a little bit difficult at this moment. But with the features that the product brings in,everyone is understanding why a discrete gaming port is needed andwhy such high bandwidth is needed. What are other uses of having such a robust router? I think that our effort is to train the channel partners and the end user at this moment.


  1. What sort of traction has Asus enjoyed in the Wi-Fi router space?


ASUS is not present in the entry level space. It is probably the only brand which is present in the middle and high end segment that is above the 1200 Mbps space. And to get acceptability when you do not have an entry level scheme is itself a challenge. But I think because of the innovation that ASUS brings in every product line, we got a very good response from the channel for our products, even if it is expensive and on the mid and high end.


  1. What is your market share in the Wi-Fi router space?


If I consider the overall router business, I think we are just less than 5%, but if I consider the 1200Mbps and above, we are 18%.


  1. How is the customer segmentation done in India between enterprises, mid-sized organizations, SOHOs and end consumers?


In our business line, there is no enterprise at this moment. Enterprise is only for the server and Mini PC, but for routers it is still the SOHO customers and direct end customers.


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