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Channel Prediction for 2020

Channel Prediction for 2020

In 2019, we came across many businesses that saw success, but a slew of Partners MSP was also shrouded in uncertainty especially towards the end of the year. 2020 seems to start with little better Sentiments . Here are the Top Channel predictions for 2020 .

1) There are 16.7 billion connected devices. By 2023 it is expected that number to hit about 32 billion, due to rise of 5G and Wifi 6. They might be cars, , cameras, robots, vacuum cleaners , Each of those products need to be sold, maintained and need to be delivered – perhaps as a service. That’s the job of the partners

2) Security Market – As per recent reports , the global market for managed security services and professional services will hit $35.6 billion in 2023, increasing at a CAGR of 11.1%, Any Partner focused on security in 2020 will do very well .

3) Opportunity around SMB – There are 51 Million SMB with Technical Talent Deficit , Partners in 2020 will Pace up their GTM around SMB through Consultative Approach .

4) Consolidation – 2020 will see yet another year of consolidation of channel companies”. Resellers and distributors will acquire smaller organisations “that offer new revenue streams. The consolidation is driven by two factors: continued margin pressure and Founders of privately owned solution providers reaching retirement age and looking to exit their business.

5) Deliver the right Customer Experience – The Growth Strategy will work only if Channel Partner adequately respond to customer Changing Preference and behaviours Partner with Greater CX tools will deliver better Customer Experience .

6) ISV Next stop is 1 million We forecast that ISV count would reach 1 million by 2027, fuelled by their ability to provide highly customized applications to their customers and help drive the dream of digital transformation

6)  Spending on public cloud services in Asia Pacific will reach $US76.1 billion by 2023, emphasising such potential. “System integrators and value-added resellers that specialise in cloud services, particularly around mobility, cloud applications and cloud migration are well- placed to capitalise on growing cloud adoption convergence between cybersecurity and physical security to grow very soon and very quickly.

7) As for vertical markets, SI’s and MSP will find opportunities to deliver Solutions and Services in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing and Media & Entertainment .

8) Data Risk Coverage – In 2019 , We saw MSP a Sweet spot for hackers . Customer expect MSP’s to take financial responsibility if anything go wrong. therefore Few MSP have started agreeing to take that risk, In 2020 this trend will take an upswing by 32% , MSP will buy insurance with the beneficiary firm and add that cost

9) Indian Partners Community will be a winner in the US-China trade war- Trade tensions between US and China have caused some manufacturers to shift production out of China, to avoid higher tariffs. Taiwan’s Foxconn moved production into India from China last year. This was to “diversify their manufacturing supply chain away from excessive reliance on Chinese production, Now Who will build such smart factories in India …Its you ….. The Industry will benefit by $11 billion from these trade shifts,

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