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“Silver Touch solutions are always around digital transformation” – Adarsh Parikh, Associate Vice President, Silver Touch

What would be the USP of your company?

We are spreading our organization in Ahmadabad=. Across India, we have 8 offices and there are offices in US, UK and France as well.

What are the products and services of your company?

Silver Touch’s main solution is around digital transformation. Digital Transformation is a buzzword. We have organizations to build their solutions using this technology. We promote the solutions not only within India but also promote across the globe. There is also a gap between academia and industry. So we invite people to be a part of our training program where students and professionals can go through the entire program and we can create an ecosystem.

What are the benefits customers receive from your organization?

We are working in large scale government projects. We have customers like Adhaar card, we have implemented smart cities and the RTO across Gujarat is basically designed and developed by Silver Touch technologies limited. We implemented video analytics services, image processing and censor based technologies. We are a pure technical software development focusing on delivering solutions for the customers so that their daily routine an be much easier and automation can be done and we can get the highest quality of output as well.

What is the go-to-market strategy of your company?

Our GTM is very simple and we are specifically focusing on Digital Transformation. We parallelly prepare our own workforce to be ready to work on those technologies that we will be ahead of the market. We have both the models available with our subsidiary Cellular Touch established in 1992. We are in IT segment for almost 27 years and have a very good network across the globe. We are using B2B/B2C, taking part in various expos building our network continuously.

What is your customer base in India and abroad?

Across India, we have e-governance solutions which is our specialty. Apart from that we have giant customers in India like SKF, Shaktiman and others. Globally we are working in US, UK, France, Latin America and Europe and deliver to giant customers of Vodafone. We not only develop software solutions but also dealing into hardware solutions as well where we provide IBM and Microsoft Servers.

What is your vision for 2020?

Our goal for next 18-24 months is to prepare the workforce in these technologies. Each company is struggling in skill an d manpower in these areas. We are preparing the manpower which is ready to go in projects. So we are preparing the manpower parallelly. We are having good number of projects in digital transformation.

How are you helping your customer in their Digital Transformation?

We help our customers in making their solutions easily available and approachable. We create such a dashboard so that in their daily automation they can see the entire scenario at their fingertips because nowadays getting the data is very important.

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