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Alibaba Cloud Plans India Expansion with POLARDB

Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has brought its database products and real-life applications to the Indian market. The database products such as POLARDB have proven expertise having supported the largest event of Alibaba Group, the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. With sectors such as e-commerce, gaming, media, and e-learning continuing to witness the growth, and rooted in managing and deriving insights from data intelligence, the need for robust cost effective databases will become even more necessary in India.

To that end, Alibaba Cloud’s POLARDB, a next-generation relational database, offers fully managed cloud-hosted database facilities, but with some significant benefits around cost, performance, and resilience. The elasticity, scalability and high availability features of POLARDB enable the system to bounce back quickly from hardware failure, which is essential in supporting business’s online activities real-time. POLARDB is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, supporting up to 100TB of data.

Alibaba’s aim to enhance its presence in India is understandable. While globally Alibaba Cloud is #3 in terms of revenue, it has the largest marketshare (by revenue) in APAC. While till now the APAC dominance has been primarily driven by China, Alibaba is now looking to gain deeper footholds in the India market too. Within one year of starting commercial operations in India, Alibaba boasts of strong Internet companies like Bigbasket, Zomato, Nearby and Paytm amongst its roster of customers. Even Reliance Entertainment runs its operations across 150 countries on Alibaba platform only. There is an increased focus on the SMB customers too especially through solution providers.

To support these Indian customers, Alibaba has already established a strong plethora of partners including distributors, resellers, ISVs as well as solution providers. This ever dynamic partner ecosystem including the likes of HCL Infosystems and ZDNet Technologies is always looking out to include newer entities. It already has 2 datacenters for localization in India and plans for further datacenters in multiple locations in the future. A large Summit involving all the stakeholders in the ecosystem is also on the anvil in February or March.

Dr. Feifei Li, VP of Alibaba Group, President and Senior Fellow of Database Systems, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence said, “As businesses cater to users in a cloud-led internet age, the need for cloud-native databases that are elastic, available, intelligent, and secure will only continue to grow. We believe the value proposition of POLARDB and AnalyticDB will be extremely useful in the Indian context as more users come online and businesses cater to their needs.”

“With the local and global drive for Digital Transformation continues to be on top of organizations’ agenda, Alibaba Cloud hopes to equip the local businesses with the right technology to win the global race in the future,” said Alex Li, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud South Asia. In addition to POLARDB, Alibaba Cloud also offers other database products including OceanBase and MongoDB to customers such as PayTM.

Not just POLARDB, Alibaba is looking to penetrate India with its other solutions as well. These include Alibaba Log Service (SLS) that allows customers to automatically collect logs from all your services, applications, and platforms, irrespective of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Support of “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK) is an end-to-end security service, which provides customers encryption controls on both hardware and software, protecting customers’ data in transit and at rest. The new BYOK feature supports ECS Cloud Disk, OSS, and RDS.

SaaS Accelerator is a platform that enables ecosystem partners such as enterprises in the ecommerce, lodging, and travel industries, to quickly reach their customers on Alibaba platforms. Smart Access Gateway (SAG) Software is an app that allows endpoint devices such as cell phones, PoS, and laptops to securely get connected with Alibaba Cloud and on-premises datacenters in one click, accelerating access to enterprise applications and cloud resources.

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