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Jatin S. Popat, Founder – JSP Associates||, Lawer & Company Secretary.

  1. What exactly are the solutions offer ?

Willjini is one of the India’s leading and reliable succession services portal where we are doing online Will for masses. We are partners with HDFC Security and  ICCI Security for taking it to the masses by which we are trying to make people aware of Will writing solution at home.

2How has evolved till now?

Willjini is a company promoted by professionals — lawyers, IT professionals and Chartered Accountants We are there for the last five years in the market and today, we are one of the leading and reliable Will making company. This is something very new in India and still in an evaluation phase .We are trying to create a new vertical all together for the BFSI industry for a succession product solution.

  1. What is the customer base of and how are they benefiting from your solutions?

Basically, in India, people do not make will because of their ignorance. So, this is something which is missing in India, typically like a Mediclaim policy which was not there in past but today each household has a Mediclaim policy. Similarly, will is also a must for each and every wealth owner whether he owns a small wealth or big wealth so that succession can happen very smoothly and de-bonding in family does not happen. Today, we have lakhs of visitors on our website and more than 80000-10000 people in a month try to connect with us for making a Will. We are happy that with the technology and whatever content we are providing, lot of people have curiosity to know about the subject and they also want a solution.

Eventually we have come out with the online Will which is very pocket friendly. We have express Will which is selling for Rs.1500  and standard, proper Will which is for Rs. 4000. This is a very unique offering we have. 

  1. What is the go-to-market of

BFSI is a sensitive industry, as people do not part with their wealth details easily. So, to that extent they always rely on the big names like HDFC, ICCI or big demat companies. So, what we have done is instead of  going directly to the market in a big way, we have channel partners. HDFC Security, ICICI Security, Corporation bank, CDSL , Muthtoot Finance  are all our partners. They vouch our product as a reliable one and= are selling it to their customers. So, we have a strategy to sell via B2B2B2C.

  1. What are the key focus areas and initiatives in your business roadmap for next 24months?

Our first target is to create one million Wills in India and that is the thing we are really pushing hard. Secondly, we want to come out with more online products like creating a Trust , estate planning , business succession which should be pocket friendly and which can be very smoothly and easily delivered to the required people.

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