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Citrix: Enhancing the Hybrid Environment through AWS technologies

The present reality of computing is hybrid environments and managing them with the help of Citrix Systems Inc is at ease. There has been an declaration made by the organization that it is strengthening its bond with Amazon Web Services(AWS) to give more flexibility and option in deployment of Citrix ADC with a preferable and facile way to provide a secure, trustable experience that involves users and permit them to bring out their best performance in hybrid environments. The release came at the time of AWS re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas last week.

The Vice president of Product Management, Networking at Citrix, Mihir Maniar told that regardless of the hosting locations of the applications, users uses them to do their job. All they want is to deliver in a consistent, trustable way in order to get things done. He added that tested, enterprise class answer to masses can be brought in a convenient delivery model and can switch on a high-performance experience that can be empowering at delivering the best work by the people through the relationship between AWS and Citrix ADC.

A Consistent Experience

The shifting to the cloud is active. But everything cannot move there. From compliance and regulatory needs to latency problems and local processing requirements, there is a need for some apps to be on premises. Citrix ADC being the latest could be used to introduce validated AWS Outposts solution, could be used for native AWS services, infrastructure and operating models to on-site facilities in a facile, cost effective way and a consistent hybrid experience can be delivered.

Greater Flexibility and Option

Companies demand the flexibility to dictate the routing path of their traffic and power to direct their traffic through their opted virtual appliances. It has not been facile to achieve. Till now, leveraging new Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) include routing features, the traffic flow in and out of a Virtual Private Cloud can be redirected by the companies to ensure highly available and trustable performance through Citrix ADC. Integration of a network and security devices consisted in their network topology can be simplified by using the service, Amazon VPC Ingress Routing.

Simplified Deployment

The migration of applications to the cloud is never easy. Developed in the collaboration with AWS, the AWS, Quick Start for Citrix ADC provides more powers to the companies in speeding and automating configuration and mostly reduce the costing, timing and skill level involved.]

A Comprehensive Approach

A comprehensive variety of solutions are offered by Citrix that are tested to scale and integrate in the Amazon Web Services environment and ensures the high performance, security and reliability that management and delivery of the applications demands today. The offerings continues to expand and extend.

Reliable and Secure Enterprise Connectivity

The announcement that Citrix SD-WAN will now support Amazon Web Services Transit Gateway in order to simplify how Amazon VPCs and on-site networks are so connected in order to decrease operational costings was made by Citrix itself. The branches and data centres can be quickly connected to the AWS Transit Gateway by using the Citrix SD-WAN orchestration service. Also accessing the resources across every Amazon VPC or to any connected network.

These new abilities make it easy for companies in:

Delivering an optimized application experience in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops also other clouds and SaaS apps on AWS.

Quickly setting up safe and higher available connections to AWS resources.

Scaling their networks among hybrid cloud environments and distributed geographic regions.

Chalan Aras, the vice president of products in SD-WAN and Intelligent traffic management said with these AWS and market leading virtual applications integrated powerful Citrix networking solutions, companies contain everything they need to establish experience-driven application performance among productivity driven modern networks.

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