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Swahili language Version launched by the Ada App

With a new Swahili language version of an AI assessment app, Ada Health is planning to expand its services in East Africa.

This tool will be designed for the clinicians and patience to gain more detail about the potential symptom causes along with the localized actions describing what to do next.

This Swahili version of the Ada app will be accessible on a smartphone and it would offer support both the professionals in the healthcare department as well as the patients in order to get them immediate guidance. A series of personalized health related questions will be asked based on which a person will be guided towards the right medicine, the proper pharmacist and the specialized Doctor.

In order to localize the app Ada worked with regional stakeholders.Also, to get the tool culturally and linguistically appropriate, the Berlin based start-up joined hands with Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania and Swiss non-profit foundation Botnar during the design process.

Swahili version will particularly cater to the medical needs of specifically those living in East Africa. This would help in providing specific information about child and maternal issues and infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria and diphtheria.  

The emerging need for such service

This start-up is merely one of those start-ups which aim to use the health technology to fight with global access problems. Nevertheless, Ada has moved a little ahead and provided a Swahili version of technology.

Reportedly, 4 billion people are suffering from the scarcity of basic health services globally, but the ones hit hardest by this challenge are the low- and middle-income countries. East Africa is highly affected by this and lot of countries have one doctor per 1000 patients. Therefore, utilising the highest connectivity era can cater to the needs of the people. This tool can indeed help in multiple ways.

The trend of Health-tech

October 2018 was the year when Ada declared that they would work on Swahili and the integration of Romanian Language. In fact, partnership with the Gates Foundation was also announced through which their aim was to access the efficacy of its AI tech parts of Africa, South America, South Asia and India. Start – Up Pitches

This is not however the only health tech company expanding into this region. The Rwandan government teamed up with Babylon Health in 2016 on a program called Babyl Rwanda. Under this service, people in the country got enabled to access virtual consultation with experts and doctors along with monitoring and diagnostic tools. The system not just enabled prescription delivery but also the access to secure clinical records. An AI pilot program got included in this partnership in order to triage new cases.

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