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Schneider Electric is redefining power and automation for a new world of energy with EcoStruxure.

“Schneider Electric does not have any head to head competition”

1. What would be the main USP of Schneider Electric?

Schneider Electric as a company is committed towards greener environment. There are a lot of environment friendly things we do.

2. What are the products & services in Schneider Electric portfolio?

We have offerings such as power back up solutions, cooling solutions for the data centers, IT racks, server racks as well as industrial racks. We also operate in the non-IT space where we provide power back up for some of the applications which are not inside the data center but outside. We operate in spaces like distributed IT, SMB computing, home UPS to hyperscale data center. Be it edge computing or regional edge or data centre solutions, we have all sort of offerings.

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3. How do you position Schneider among your peers?

The entire ecosystem of Scneider Electric, be it plant, building, manufacturing, operations, electrical grid, data center as well as residential complex, we have a very unique integrated offering for all these stakeholders. We have competition if you break it productwise, but Schneider Electric as an organization,we do not have any head to head competition. We are either number one or number two in most of the market orbusiness segments we operate in. Customer uses products and these products need to be connected. That is where the future is where customers need to manage those individual products and components. To manage those, we provide a common cloud based architecture called EcoStruxure which is very unique in the industry. Not only does it work for the data centers, butcuts across all verticals which is very critical for any energy management strategy.

4. What is the go-to-market strategy of Schneider Electric?

We operate with our business partners, channel partners as well as directly with some of our key accounts. In our organization, 50% revenue comes from the indirect channels. We have distributors like Ingram Micro, Redington, Rashi Peripherals, Iris and then we work with our universe of partners, all the IT resellers, who help to sell our products. We also have a strategic account owner. Some the accounts are global accounts, some of them are country targeted accounts. Those are the large accounts where we work directly. It also depends upon what kind of products we are dealing with. If we are dealing with distributed IT which is a stock and sell product then we operate through a channel partner. But if we are dealing with something very sophisticated, which needs to be customized and engineered, then we operate directly.

5. What are Schneider’s targeted verticals and who are your marquee customers?

We cut across all verticals. Two major verticals include Internet giants and co-location (co-lo) players whom we also call cloud and service providers. Pick up any top co-lo company, and they are our customers. We also work for different segments like banking, healthcare, retail, commercial and residential. Wherever there is a data center, there is a critical part of IT involved and in turn we are also involved. We have some of the reputed brands in these spaces like APC, Uniflair, APW President in our portfolio.

6. What are the benefits your customers are getting from your solutions?

Today, every customer is moving towards digitization. It has become a norm. There are apps available for everything. When you automate everything, it actually gets stored somewhere and that place where it gets stored is a data center. So, data center is the largest investment and perhaps the most critical part of the business.It is very important that this data center is up and running 24/7. You cannot afford to have a situation where some of the applications are down and our customer’s customers are using some mobile services or buying something from e-commerce sites. We ensure that those applications are updated and running24/7. While doing that there is another challenge, that everything consumes lot of energy. Huge energy costs are involved and all our products are very energy efficient, reliable and help customers achieve their energy management goals.

7. What are the key focus areas and initiatives planned in your business roadmap for the next 24 months?

There is a huge shift in computing. Mobiles are becoming more active and there is a lot of mobile to mobile communication as well as device to device communication happening. Nowadays, IoT is becoming very popular that is creating a huge ecosystem for edge computing. So, edge computing is our main focus area for the next couple of years. Apart from that we are focusing on centralized data centers. India is witnessing a huge shift where there are lots of hyper scaled data centers coming in because of data localization law & regulations Most of the internet giants, co-lo players are investing in India and moving here. We are working very closely with our customers to provide solutions for them.

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