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Unified Collaboration Market is $50Bn Opportunity| Rahul Sharma Managing Director| LogMein

“We have 55,000 enterprise customers globally across 7 continents including Antarctica”

What according to you would be the USP of LogMeIn?

LogMeIn is a SaaS portfolio company. We are an AI first organization and so we build AI powered products which help organizations do three things. First is to connect people to people using our platform, next is to connect people to the technology that they use like smart devices, mobile phones, laptops and lastly to connect technology without the intervention from humans in between. These are the three areas that we make products and so our portfolio ranges from unified collaboration and communication, digital engagement and support, platform, identity to access as a solution.

What are the specific products and services in this portfolio?

Go-to meeting is a LogMeIn product which is a premier meeting solutions tool. We think about meetings to be an essential part of any business environment. We feel that organizations will adopt online meeting as a platform a lot more going forward. It helps people work from anywhere, remotely, from different geographies and therefore help organizations collaborate more seamlessly. We have built a product portfolio with solutions that start from two people meeting all the way up to investor relation calls, webinars, training solutions.

What are the benefits that your customers are deriving from your organization?

Using technology from LogMeIn helps them scale their businesses in global areas wherever they are representing  their organization. It helps them collaborate easily with their partners, customers, vendors and employees internally. It also enables them transform the way they are engaging with their customers, customer’s customers, as well as their employees internally.

What is LogMein’s customer base in India and globally?

Globally, we are a large organization and have thousands of customers spread across all continents. We have our products working in Antarctica as well  so that means representation in all seven continents. Our customers range from small startups, one people, two people, solopreneurs to large 300,000 people 400,000 people organizations across all industry verticals. In India we work very closely with organizations like Reliance Jio, ICICI Bank, Cognizant, Gartner. Globally our customers range from small organizations to big enterprises. We have globally about 55,000 enterprise customers.

What is the scope for future growth for LogMein?

These are all very large size industry markets. To give you an example, just the unified collaboration market is a $50 billion opportunity and currently we are a big player in that. Gartner recognizes us for all our online meeting solutions. And we feel that there is a lot of headway for us to grow both in India as well as globally.


We have been growing year over year beating street estimates . We are a listed company and and for the last 40 quarters we have been beating our earnings every single quarter and raising it every next quarter again.

What is the go-to-market strategy of LogMeIn?

We have partners that we collaborate with across the globe. We also have direct collaboration with most of our customers. Overall we are engaged with our key customers across multiple geographies directly as well have a very healthy robust channel ecosystem which helps us remain meaningfully engaged with most of the other customers who want to use our technology.

What is LogMein’s vision for 2020?

For 2020, we want to continue growing the way we are doing. We actually define our growth by four parameters-.We want to create growth for our employees and we want to create good meaningful experience for our customers. We also want to make a meaningful impact for the community that we are representing.So in every office that we operate in globally we have community investment which is done by our CSR team. Creating shareholder value is another tenet that we focus on. We want to continue to grow across all these four areas.

How do you position LogMein among your peers?

We have a portfolio of products, andcompetition for each of these products is specifically unique. But we do not compete with one large organization across all our portfolio. That in essence is our key USP.. Our customers don’t just love us for one particular product but they can leverage LogMeIn’s technology across various areas in their organizations. That is why most of them partner with us on multiple products.

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