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Make in India Succeeds in ERP?

Indian ERP Vendors like Tally, Marg and Eazy ERP are gradually gaining marketshare


Digital transformation of enterprises is the current buzzword in India Inc. After all India’s economy worth $ 2.2 Trillion is the world’s third largest economy in terms of PPP. It is rapidly growing at a rate of 7-8% per annum and is estimated to overtake the US by 2045.

The Services Sector contributes roughly 56% of the GDP followed by the Industrial Sector with 26% and the Agricultural Sector with 18%. Both the services and industrial sector are undertaking these digital transformation journeys; even the agricultural sector is slow and steadily coming into the picture.

ERP applications have been the strongest pillar of this digital transformation roadmaps for enterprises of all sizes as well as maturity levels. Now even mid-market organizations and SMBs have jumped into this digital transformation bandwagon. And naturally ERP adoption has been a key driver for them in this transformation journey.

Rise of the Desi Brigade

Market leaders like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft have been the biggest players driving this ERP adoption amongst large enterprises as well as SMBs. Enterprise and mid-market customers are investing in ERP applications based on new features and capabilities that are expected to replace their existing legacy systems. In many cases, competitive upgrades and replacements that could have a profound impact on future market-share changes will become more widespread.

No wonder therefore that the three biggies combined together account for 48% of the ERP software market share in India. While these numbers are impressive, this is also a testimony to the tremendous marketing muscles these companies boast of. However, what these numbers also mean is that 52% of the market share (and that in a democracy is a simple majority) still belongs to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 ERP vendors.

While there are MNC vendors like Sage or ACT who belong to this category, the fact of the matter (and what we should be proud of) is that this domain is dominated by home grown vendors like Marg, Tally, Busy, Ramco  or EazyERP.  ERP and its predecessors like MRP, etc. have always aided the Indian enterprise to manage their resources more effectively. Although Indian industries were slightly late to adopt ERP Systems as compared to other developed economies, but post liberalization they grew manifold and suddenly ERP Solution became more of a necessity rather than an option.

ERP Systems would help companies to effectively manage their entire processes starting from Procurement to Manufacturing of finished products to final delivery of goods to the market. ERP Software in India also helped businesses to manage their Human Resource and Payroll requirements much better. Gradually Best ERP Systems have become the backbone of every successful Indian enterprise. One catalyst that has helped these home grown ERP vendors to prosper is GST. As they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. GST customization has definitely helped vendors like Marg, EazyERP or Tally gain momentum, especially amongst SMBs, and also amongst some larger enterprises.

Glimpses of Tally, Eazy and Marg

The Tally Partner Ecosystem is the core of Tally family, compromising of highly ambitious, skilled and efficient partner organizations. These partners are specialists who believe in delivering outstanding experiences in terms of sales and service. Moreover, they also advice and offer the most fitting business solutions, even for unique business needs.

As its GTM strategy, Tally runs Tally ACCELARATOR program to enhance and support 14 lakh SME entrepreneurs especially post GST. There are 223 Tally accelerator across India in specific regions where they mentor and train the customers.


Manufacturing has been a focus area for Eazy ERP which boasts of 200+ customers across India. Another focus vertical  has been distribution management where Eazy helps companies over FMCG, and tracking their distribution network.  Increasing focus is being given to the in food and garments sector too. The focus markets are Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore, though Eazy is present in 25 more cities including two tier and 3 tier ones.

As part of its GTM, Marg ERP is running the project called MILAP. As  part of this project, Marg has amalgamated local ERP vendors in more than 70 places within India. Consequently, it has more than 9 lakh users in India currently who are being taken care of through its 900 plus service centers.



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