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Veritas’ new Enterprise Data Services Platform allows you to have full control of data

Harish Venkat,

VP, Global Leader of GTM Strategies for back-up exec and SaaS products and sales enablement, Veritas, Veritas :


*What would be the main USP of Veritas’ new Enterprise Data Services Platform?

We are very excited about releasing the Enterprise Data Service platform. It addresses the CIO needs around availability, data protection and insights.When I talk about availability, we want to make sure that all of your application, whether it’s running on-prem or if it’s running in the cloud, is always up and running. And that way there is absolutely no disruption to your business. The Enterprise Data Service platform allows you to do that.

When it comes to protection, Veritas is all about data protection. We have made our brand based on our flagship offerings  on net backup and backup execution. We continue to pour a lot of money into new innovations. We will continue protecting that as new workloads come or as new technologies like cloud and alliances like Pure emerge. All of these partners come up with different technologies. Rest assured, Veritas is there to protect you in  terms of data protection.

The  last thing is around insights. We offer incredible end-to-end solutions where help you gain fullcontrol of data. We allow you to see where your data resides–on-prem or oncloud– and take actions on that data after you classify them. Once you classify them, you may decide if you want to keep the data or you want to delete the data. You can subsequently apply policies on how long do you want to keep the data, whether it’s for a few years or is it only for a certain amount of time. The enterprise data service allows you to have this full control of the data.


Balaji Rao,

MD-India & SAARC Region,Veritas :

Veritas has more than 20 years of expertise in information management.

We are number one in data protection worldwide,thanks to this expertise with Fortune 1000 companies globally and also with large companies in India.


*How are your solutions different from your peers?

Veritas is known for its wide support and scalability, which is the first thing that comes to mindgiven that many of the large enterprises, globally have  placed their bets on Veritas.

Second, I would highlight Veritas’ terms of our support for more than 500 workloads, whether it is a legacy system that you have there or a cloud adoption, or a new OpenStack or open source kind of system that you need to adapt. Veritas has a wide range of support for all of these platforms.

So, when you combine these two, the scalability and the wide support that you have for heterogeneous platforms, including future proofing the hybrid cloud strategy building, it makes it a very compelling proposition as compared to any of our other peers in the industry.


Harish Venkat,

VP, Sales Enablement and Marketing,Veritas :

*In today’s world most enterprises are adopting more SaaS applications.

What is Veritas strategy for SaaS applications?

This is absolutely the reality. Many of the enterprises that we deal with are adopting many SaaS applications, especially Office 365. This is the biggest one we have. There are 180 million users worldwide and only 10 %or less are actually protecting their Office 365.

This is where Veritas comes in with our  SaaS Backup, which allows you to protect Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce.com from a SaaS application point of view.

There is a misconception that all SaaS applications are actually protected and you don’t need separate data protection You have to make sure that SaaS applications are indeed protected and Veritas’ SaaS Backup has you covered.

 Balaji Rao, MD-India & SAARC Region,Veritas :


*What are Veritas’ new channel and marketing initiatives?

What are the focus areas of your channel strategy?

We are running Veritas Vision across 30 cities globally. Vision is a platform that brings together our customers, their views andtheir feedbacks. On a single day we have fireside chats, business keynotes, technical keynotes,=thought leadership sessionswhere we give our customers insights into what other customers are doing. What are the challenges they are facing and how is Veritas making life simple for them.

Outside of Vision, there are multiple channel initiatives, schedules and marketing initiatives that we have. Some of the recent channel initiatives have been done on enablement. We do believe that there is a lot of enablement still required with channel partners and we are spending a lot of dollars on this. This is a key ongoing initiative for us. So, it is not only about incentives for  our channel partners, but we also make sure they have the right skills and the right abilities to provide the right solutions for our customers.


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