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Gunjan Issar | Sr. Speciality Manager | Dell EMC

Gunjan Issar- Dell EMC

What are the customer segments who are the largest adopters of digital transformation in India? What is the adoption rate among the SMB customers?

The key driver customer segments are BFSI, Manufacturing, ITITES, as well as the government customers at state and central, making a lot of efforts in transforming, and taking digitization to the next level

Many of the digital transformation projects do not deliver the expected results. Why do digital transformation projects fail? What are the elements of a successful digital transformation?

A successful digital transformation is all about transforming the user experience and bringing about the best of the innovations. The investments need to remain protected and at the same time getting ready for the future avenues, diversification, reuse and cloud. How all of these can work together to bring the right experience for our customers will lead to success of a digital transformation.

What are the challenges you see in the digital transformation scenario in India?

We see multifaceted ways of adoption that are happening today. The challenges are mostly associated with how different technology frameworks are already adopted and how we move to a new platform. So, it has more to do with agility and at the same time right solution stacks, so that it is more secured for the businesses. So, adaptability and agility are what the biggest challenges I would suggest.

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