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How can new technology adoption drive business growth?

Speaker : Mr. Diptarup Chakraborti, Vice President & Global Head of Marketing, Zycus


Q.1) How can new technology adoption drive business growth?

Technology is an enabler. So what technology enables you to approach the customer in a more focused manner because you are reaching out to the customer with a message that resonates better through technology.

It enables business growth. For example, today you can micro target your audience through message, which was earlier spread across.

So you’re spending more money earlier to reach the same audience. Right now you can reduce your spends and hence you have more money to get more business. So that’s how it enables business growth.

Q.2)  What are new trends in marketing?

The buzzword is AI ( artificial intelligence) , which means a lot of repetitive processes : e-mailing, finding or text leads from your campaigns. So, it increases productivity, makes it more accurate, makes your data more timely and specific. That is one definitely big in marketing. The second big trend in marketing is videos. Today, people are not reading texts.

So, videos are the way forward. The more creative the videos are, the more attention it is grabbing. And the hyper personalization, which means every person as an individual persona. You do not require to do mass marketing anymore, so more your website can be personalized to every visitor that comes to your website. So, that is the hyper personalization that we live in.

Q.3) How can the organization capitalize opportunities in this era of data movement?

Data is a double edged sword because it’s huge volumes of data available. And if you do not know where to look, then you’ll sink.

It’s an enabler. It’s a human intervention which is required to get insights and information out of this data. If you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the right answers. So data is just there. You have to make use of that information that is out there to get insights for your actions.

Q.4) How is the new system of technology can adopt increasing teach savvy workforce?

Tech savvy workforce, what it means is that faster response time, the customer expects a faster response time. Five years back/ ten years back. You could send them a message or a creative or anything over a two day/ three day period.

Now, they expect it to happen within four to five hours.

So, that is how more tech savvy employees are coping with the explosion of technology.

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