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How Cyber Security is Changing in 2019 – Part 2

For cybersecurity and data privacy, 2018 was not a great year. Some of the world’s largest companies found themselves a victim of countless and expensive data breaches, routers and connective devices that were found to be relatively safe were found to be vulnerable, and the accusations of foreign states and bad actors made reality seem like a plot straight out of a spy novel. Here’s what you need to know in 2019 about cybersecurity.

Increases in transient data capture

In 2019, we are likely to see increases in attacks from home-based Wi-Fi networks and other vulnerable devices where the attacker acts in the middle like a man and captures the data as it goes from the sender to the ISP.The risks of this are astronomical, your personal information such as your DOB and social security numbers are exposed whenever you type in and submit a form, and your credit card information is extremely vulnerable to things like bill pay and online shopping.

Increased cyberterrorism


While cyberterrorism is nothing new, experts warn that terrorist organizations may begin to leverage advanced technologies for more destructive terrorist forms. With what began as simple ransomware attacks that locked users out of their computer until a payment was made, terrorists are expected to use new tools and techniques to carry out coordinated attacks on specific target locations, businesses and individuals. The enemy is taking full advantage of these tools with tools that have the ability to physically destroy a computer remotely, drones that can be equipped with weapons and used as an attack craft as seen in Venezuela, and the setting of targets is expanding.

Companies and governments need to carry out a risk analysis of their potential vulnerabilities and take action to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack by reducing potential target-rich critical infrastructure environments. What makes this basically terrifying is that it no longer applies to cyberattacks, but has moved into the realm of physical damage, marking the beginning of a new cyberterrorism era.

AI utilized as dual-use tech

If you’ve ever used any kind of social media or online dating site, the odds are that you’ve come across some or two chatbots. A chatbot is an AI-powered form of bot designed to handle customer service inquiries and so on for those who are unaware. For much more dastardly means, however, a bot can be used. If you get a friend request from a profile with neighbouring no photos or friends and they send you a link right away, don’t click on it.The more intelligent artificial intelligence becomes, the greater the threat faced by customers to be misled. The most common methods are text-based as instant messages but expect bots to start using human speech and appear to be even more realistic than they are already.

As we know it in some incredible ways, AI and deep machine learning are changing the world, but just be aware that it can also lead to attacks on a scale that the world has never seen.

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