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5 Biggest Data Breaches of 2018 – What can we Learn? – Part 2

What causes a company like the stock price of Facebook to fall in just two hours by 6 percent? It is likely that two major data breaches will be announced in one year. In 2018, the dark side had a pretty good year with more than 700 million records exposed in just 10 big data breaches, with lots of nice big names dragging along the way through the mud. Literally, hundreds of millions of people’s secret and sensitive data were torn open and exposed, then aggregated for sale on various Dark Web lists. It doesn’t matter what you do, what’s interesting about cybersecurity, it’s never enough and you have to keep improvising and improving. If you stagnate, you die, and it was pure negligence in a few cases last year that hackers just stumbled across data treasure troves. Let’s take a look at the five biggest 2018 data breaches: data-breach-statistics


Approximately 100 million Quora users have been affected by a “malicious third party” unauthorized access to one of its systems, the knowledge – sharing website reported. Account information, including name, email address, encrypted password and data imported from linked networks when authorized by users may have been compromised, it said. While it took users four days to be informed that their personal data was stolen, it is a far better sight than the four years of Marriott and many have commended Quora for their quick reaction. It should also be noted that all compromised passwords have been encrypted and hashed with a salt that varies from user to user.

Quora did not officially announce what caused the attack, but according to High-Tech Bridge CEO Ilia Kolochenko, the intrusion occurred either through one of Quora’s web applications or through a trusted third party. Whatever the cause was, what is clear here with the speed and efficiency at which Quora started its “clean-up” operation suggests well-monitored and well-operated internal security measures. An important thing to take away from this breach is how you handle a breach that matters most, the degree of integrity that a company must demonstrate to reveal its own security deficiencies to warn others is a sacrifice that must be made quickly.

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