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Joyce Mullen, President, Global Channel, Dell on Dell’s channel strategy

Joyce Mullen, President, Global Channel, Dell Technologies on channel strategy.

Dell has grown over a 11 billion dollars and now they are the 92 billion company. In the channel past 12 months booked over 50 billion dollars in orders, growing up around 18%. Ideally a tribute to a couple of things. First of all dell is riding an incredible investment way as customers are looking forward to transform their businesses and become digital businesses and Dell Technologies has a quite an amazing and differentiated position in the market.

Over the last three years Dell has invested over 12 billion dollars in R&D. The fruits of it can be seen as they have come up with new products and solutions in to the market. Making it easier for the partners to do even more business with them and it continues to drive improvement in this area. The second is around making it easier for the partners to engage across the Dell technologies family of business as they have incredible brands like – The vmware, secureworks, workstream, boomi etc., as it is really important that they do a good job helping their partners access these brands and deliver solutions to their partners that are going to make their customers even more successful.

Finally is to help their partners monetize and embrace these emerging technologies that are really changing the world, things like artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented reality, IoT these are all brand new technologies that will present enormous opportunities to their customers and equally as important to their partners because they require a level of understanding and consulting services that are necessary to deliver the outcomes.

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