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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies to Look Out for in 2019 – Part 2

With blockchain facing increased regulatory scrutiny and market dynamics post-bubble, 2019 seems to be shaping up in sharp contrast with 2018. However, these conditions should give more clarity to blockchain and a stronger market base. Several projects and businesses have shown flashes of great things to come in this climate. Followed are several blockchain projects and companies that could spark interest this year, according to a brief research among industry veterans presented by Forbes. Cryptocurrency-Companies-Going-Live-in-2019-Top-9-Blockchain-Projects-to-Watch-Next-Year-696x449


Aelf is building a blockchain scalable and a decentralized network of cloud computing. By increasing the number of transactions per second (TPS) they can handle, it wants to make blockchains more workable in the real world. While major blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are struggling to manage TPS double-figures, Aelf has shown that 15,000 can be handled. This is done by splitting into two clusters each of a single node, spread over multiple computers. The goal is to make blockchains more feasible, bringing the technology into the mainstream for businesses that work with large volumes of data. Some blockchain undertakings are a safer bet than others simply because of their association with successful, established and highly successful undertakings. Big businesses are constantly seeking new solutions to integrate into the existing operations of the company. We look at three companies that have been backed by global giants like IBM, and Coinbase in the following.


Another industry is the environment and sustainability one that is said to be positively affected by blockchain. Veridium is an environmental blockchain company that produces sustainability solutions and collaborates with IBM for Fortune 500 companies. This project has created a tokenized carbon offset solution using a set of proprietary protocols developed by EcoSmart Labs, bringing new liquidity to environmental trading markets and creating simplified carbon accounting for business users. The protocols also offset the carbon emissions associated with the digital token itself, mitigating the growing concern about the blockchain industry-related carbon emissions.

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