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The Mr Phone trend report 2019: Smartphone Operating System Survey.

This report categorically reflects the key technological elements that users prefer in their mobile phones and are driving the mobile phone purchase in the Indian market. Mr Phone Trend Report 2019

The study has unveiled two macro scenarios in the market i.e. Consumers inclination towards mobile phones with regular software updates and preference towards operating systems which have more features and is most secured.

  • For Brands with regular software updates while the first and second spots are occupied unsurprisingly by Google and OnePlus respectively, Nokia has managed to get the third spot and considering that their comeback wasn’t too long ago this is a big achievement
  • MIUI beat Oxygen OS to be the most feature packed OS with a comfortable lead of more than 10%
  • One interesting thing to note when it comes to the most secure operating system/skin is that while iOS easily won the majority votes. Stock android came second with a significant cut of the pie close to 26%. Now, it’s mind boggling to see how at least 26% of people have a false sense of security when it comes to their smartphones and/or are unaware of any possible privacy issues
  • Oxygen OS has been voted as the most visually appealing operating system by the respondents

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