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Dispelling SaaS Myths

Organizations look for the accessibility and versatility of software solutions and data analysis tools without the need to rely on installing and running applications on their own computer systems and data centers. This is where Software as a service” (SaaS) is becoming an increasingly viable choice for them. SaaS is taking over the cloud computing market. According to a study from IDC, SaaS will account for roughly 60% of public cloud spending by 2020. According to Kahootz, 73% of organizations state that almost all of their apps will be SaaS-powered by 2020. But as every coin has a flip side, various myths regarding SaaS do the rounds of the market. Here we will dispel the 3 most common SaaS myths – consider them busted: 01302018-RSR-Myths-blog-800x500

SaaS tools offer just one application: SaaS tools range in form and function as much as any other type of software available today. Computer World’s official directory of SaaS providers now lists more than 950 companies that offer SaaS across a multitude of different industries.

SaaS is less robust, reliable and less secure than traditional on-premises applications: Though there have been SaaS-based teething problems or technical issues reported by the likes of Google, occurrences like these are incredibly rare with software as a service application. There hasn’t been one major compromise of a SaaS operation documented to date.

IT professionals are anti-SaaS: A complete myth, there is a large number of industry experts that recognize SaaS for ridding them of the day-to-day humdrum of traditional software, while helping them better manage their own IT operations. A quote from Steve Jobs accurately busts this myth: “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.”

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