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Switching to SaaS Solution Can be the Best Investment – Part 4

When it comes to making the right choice for your business, you have to consider the long-term effects it will have on your ability to keep up with or surpass the competition. SaaS allows your business to operate at the forefront of software development due to the nature of cloud computing, which means that moving from on-premise infrastructure benefits not only the company’s wallet but also create a considerable increase in efficiency, productivity and accessibility of business operations. Here are some of the top reasons for any business to update their on-premise system to a cloud-based system:

Time Management and Performance


In comparison to on-premise systems, cloud-solution deployment time is almost negligible, which means you can deploy a cloud-based system across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions, avoiding the cost associated with those rollouts. No additional hardware requirement means you don’t have to waste time procuring and installing IT infrastructure and VPN access across multiple sites. Additionally, you can add more users as your business grows, with no thought about improving the hardware. Unlike on-premise setups, where speed and performance rely on your in-house servers, cloud-based systems are built to ensure maximum network performance and are adaptive to your needs. On-premise system means you will outgrow the server’s capacity as your business grows and will have to buy and install more hardware and possibly hire and train more IT department members.

You must ensure that the software, platform, and applications you are signing up for will work cohesively and not just be fascinated by the fact that cloud-based platforms are more cost and time efficient because not all software-as-a-service applications integrate with existing on-premise apps or platforms.

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