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Switching to SaaS Solution Can be the Best Investment – Part 1

When it comes to making the right choice for your business, you have to consider the long-term effects it will have on your ability to keep up with or surpass the competition. SaaS allows your business to operate at the forefront of software development due to the nature of cloud computing, which means that moving from on-premise infrastructure benefits not only the company’s wallet but also create a considerable increase in efficiency, productivity and accessibility of business operations. Here are some of the top reasons for any business to update their on-premise system to a cloud-based system:



Initial costs of a cloud-based setup are typically much lower than on-premise systems. This is because you only need to implement the software to your requirements and then access it through your computer’s internet connection. Time is still a factor when budgeting for your new cloud solution, although the process takes much less time to implement than an on-premise solution, along with training and support. Since each platform and consulting firm has its own support rates you must make sure to shop around for a solution that will best suit your budget and needs.


Rooms for hardware, servers, and the in-house IT team are required for on-premise systems. Additionally, electricity, wiring, and ventilation for those rooms also need to be installed and maintained for proper temperature and humidity control. When it comes to cloud-based systems, no extra physical space is necessary. The server security is in the hands of the vendors who are generally heavily secured with biometric access devices and state-of-the-art hardware for commercial use. Additional security needs can also be predetermined with the vendor prior to purchasing.

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