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Premium Cloud versus Commodity Cloud

More and more businesses are moving their IT infrastructure onto the cloud with each passing day. The benefits of cloud storage are many, flexibility, scalability, and capital expense reduction being the most prominent ones. Cloud service providers are of two types – commodity cloud providers and premium cloud service providers. The ability to specialize in a given type of service, as well as what is included in the “basic” package for each is what differentiates them from each other.


Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft Azure are some of the commodity cloud providers. The primary focus for them is on being big and providing cost savings rather than on being flexible, accessible, or providing strong service. They make cuts wherever possible to achieve cost reduction and hence become slow and unresponsive when an issue occurs. They offer advanced services like security, disaster recovery, or data centre services but with a heavy additional cost.

When it comes to premium cloud services provider, the focus is on providing strong service and support. They also have purpose-built their platforms with security in mind and tend to specialize in the type of services they offer. They offer services like perimeter, per-app, and per-tenant firewalls, VM monitoring, threat signature protection etc.

In a nutshell, what separates the two providers is one word – service. Premium provider treats you as a valued customer, not a service member. They are more focused on enabling fast responses to customer issues, unlike commodity cloud services providers. Premium cloud companies tend to make migration and troubleshooting faster and easier for your company. This reduces the resources you need to pour into the process.

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