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SMAC devices are the future

Ashok Chhabria, Geeta Monitors Pct Ltd

The devices space is where to be, today, says Ashok Chhabria, Geeta Monitors Pct Ltd, and Lenovo products help with some real time support to survive with these innovative technologies in the current marketplace.

Please share something about your company’s inception and growth?

GMPL is a system integration company providing end to end solutions to SMEs and MSEs. Our focus has always been on the 5 “S”s – Servers, Storage, Security, Services and Software.

How did you start the association with Lenovo?

Our association with Lenovo goes a long way back, to the time when they took over the IBM’s PC business. We have seen the growth Lenovo has achieved globally and in India and we’re proud to be a part of its India success story.

What trends have you seen over the last few years, in terms of bestselling products of Lenovo?

Lenovo is faster to market on cutting edge technology devices as compared to competition. Whether it be the legendary ThinkPad or the now growing ThinkServer.

Do you also provide end to end solutions, using other technologies? Or do you focus only on products business?

We provide custom solutions bundles with Lenovo devices for different industry segments.

Do you supplement your selling with any promotions?

Occasionally we do supplement OEM’s marketing efforts by amplifying it to our target customer base.

What kind of support does Lenovo provide you for expansion?

Lenovo provides us with re-sellers’ schemes, marketing leads, competition information, and new product road maps.

Over the last 2 years, have you noticed any changes in customer preference, and adoption of these technologies?

With a lot of OEMs competing with each other for best – in –class solutions, customers today have a lot more choice than they did last decade. System Integrators like GMPL help them evaluate their needs and propose the best of all solutions that could fit their business scenario. This is of course, in addition to immediate and committed deliveries, and products with good service support,

What is your business Focus over the next few years?

Within the 5 “s” that I mentioned before, we are now focussing on expanding our server install base. With a lot of start-ups entering the space of SMAC = Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud space, it opens a massive opportunity for us in the devices space.


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