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Timely support by Brands helps channels


Anirudhdha Menavlikar, Monarch technologies

Lenovo gives   timely product updates and technical support, their Pre-Sales & Sales team offer the best possible solutions as per each customer’s needs, says Anirudhdha Menavlikar, Monarch technologies.

Please share something about your company’s inception and growth?

We started in the year 1987, primarily assembling PCs and focusing on printers for the SMB segment. From 1996 onwards, we associated with IBM, HP and Compaq. Post 2000, we started dealing exclusively with IBM, offering end to end solutions. In 2005, when IBM had sold their PC division to Lenovo, we started working with Lenovo from day one.  Over the past six years, we have been operating as the exclusive regional distributor for Lenovo SMB products in South Maharashtra.

How did you start the association with Lenovo?

We have been associated with Lenovo in India for the last decade. We have exclusive tie-ups with Lenovo and we do business in PC’S, Servers & Data Centre integration Projects & considering the experience till date, we will continue to work exclusively with Lenovo.

What trends have you seen over the last few years, in terms of best-selling products of Lenovo?

Initially, we dealt with Think Products. With Lenovo’s foray into in the Consumer segment, we are also having small part of our business as a exclusive retail store in Pune. This retail store had helped us to create Brand Image of Monarch with Lenovo & recognition. Keeping in mind of market dynamics, we are operating this exclusive store.

Do you also provide end to end solutions, using other technologies?

We are also very strong in SME, Corporate, Banking and Government segments; where we offer end to end solutions. We work with companies like Microsoft, and VMware. Apart from these product lines, we recently completed five data centre projects with the help of IBM & Rittal in Pune region.

Do you supplement your selling with any promotions?

We usually don’t run customer promotions for corporate customers. But our customers know us as value-deliverers and we don’t rely on short term actions to increase our business – which is built on trust

What kind of support does Lenovo provide you for expansion?

Lenovo gives us timely product updates and technical support, their Pre-Sales & Sales team offer the best possible solutions as per each customer’s needs.

Over the last 2 years, have you noticed any changes in customer preference, and adoption of these technologies?

In last 2-3 years, our observation is that a large portion of customers have increased their investment into storage products and cloud offerings, specifically in large enterprises segment. In the SME segment, customers are now showing more interest with in-house storage setups where we had already started increasing our focus

What is your business Focus over the next few years?

We will continue to focus on IT products along with the solution offering to same set of customers & distribution. But keeping market demand in mind, we had also started increasing our focus on the digital signage segment, Video Walls along with integration projects of AV Segment, which will be added business in Monarch.


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