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More than just products….

Believing that the key to the success is providing a great product and following it up with excellent service, Bluecom technologies has grown tenfold in ten years.  Using Lenovo’s support to provide not only outstanding enterprise products but also technical and managed support, the company has grown from strength to strength.  Girijesh Singh Thakur, MD at Bluecom Technologies Pvt. Ltd, commends Lenovo’s support to the partners and hope to continue as partners with Lenovo.

Please share something about Bluecom’s inception and growth?

Girijesh Singh Thakur, MD at Bluecom Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Bluecom Technologies was set up in 2005. When Lenovo took over IBM’s PC business, we started our partnership with them.  Over the last 11 years, we have been a premium partner with Lenovo. Over this decade, we have been seeing steady growth. We started with a turnover of Rs. 30 lakhs in 2005. Today we are touching more than Rs. 30 crores. Of course, a very large part of our business comes from the Lenovo brand. I can put the figure at about   80% – directly and indirectly.

As we grew we have other products as well.  We have a premium partnership with Microsoft, and we are also premium partners with IBM.

What trends have you seen over the last few years, in terms of best selling products of Lenovo?

We are the corporate B2B partners for all Lenovo products. Our major products available in the market are Lenovo’s ThinkPad, Think Centre and their business work stations. Lenovo also has offerings for Small and Medium enterprises. Apart from that, Lenovo is offering support business – like service business which is also one thing we are doing.  We are service providers for them, and that includes managed services as well as product services. When a customer buys a product with warranties, and after one year when they start looking for renewal of services support, that’s where we step in.

The Server range of Think and X series products are a welcome addition and have helped us increase our product offerings to our customers.

Do you also provide end to end solutions, using other technologies? Or do you focus only on products business?

Yes, we have specialised solutions for various verticals, networking solutions and power solutions. We provide end to end solutions as well. Right now we are supplying Lenovo workstation, and ThinkPad, and now we are focusing more on servers.

Do you supplement your selling with any promotions?

Yes, we certainly do promotions for the products we sell. We do paper ads and online ads, and follow on the marketing practices that Lenovo uses as well. So whatever activities are done by Lenovo, we also follow on that.

What kind of support does Lenovo provide you for expansion?

Lenovo has always given us a good support. They support us by providing trainings on latest technology and trends, and as we work together, our business advantages are taken care of. We can also safely say that we have good product support from there. Price wise also they are helping us to take up against other competitor brands. For all our orders, they deliver in time so that gives us a cutting edge over competition, since we have such prompt support from Lenovo.

The new initiatives of Lenovo ka Sikandar and Lenovo Cares have helped scale the relationship to the next level. It has strengthened our team’s belief on Lenovo and pitch in more and more Lenovo products. I can definitely say that there is huge support from Lenovo and this has been a great relationship.

What is Bluecom’s business Focus over the next few years?

We today have three Branches- Delhi, Hyderabad and Vizag. All three have almost 40 people, and we want to increase focus on server virtualization and cloud. While we do we have workstation & servers deployments, we are getting there. In the next one or two years- we want to grow with Lenovo, and we are also looking for geographical expansion.

Over the course of eleven years, have you noticed any changes in customer preference, and adoption of these technologies?

I feel that customers nowadays are more practical. Apart from price, they look at other aspects too and would love products and solutions with minimal issues. This is where Lenovo helps us with superior products, excellent value and reliability.

In your years of being partner with Lenovo, have you noticed any changes in demand?

Demand depends on service, and this is why we are going into service now. We find this everywhere. We have a lot of plans and the most ambitious one is that we need to make this is a technology company. We will have two three divisions- to meet various kind of market needs.  We are diversifying, and this deviation will also grow, we will not depend only on one brand. We plan to grow with this. The product offerings from Lenovo have expanded, from Smartphones to Tablets to PCs to Servers and Cloud. This has given us immense opportunities to expand our portfolio engage with customers at various levels.

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