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NEC deploys Face Recognition Solution at Lemon Tree Hotels


Lemon Tree Hotels are India’s fastest growing chain of upscale business and leisure hotels-the perfect choice for today’s discerning traveler looking for high quality Founded in September 2002 by Patukeswani, the New Delhi based company currently operates with three brands- Lemon Tree Premier (upscale), Lemon Tree Hotels (midscale) and Red Fox Hotels (economy). The chain currently owns 26 hotels in 15 cities aggregating 3000 rooms with over 3000 employees. This speedy growth has currently made the group the 3rd largest by owned and operated rooms with venture capital participation from global private equity frim Warburg Pincus, diversified Japanese financial institution Shinsei Bank, one of India’s first private equity funds Kotak Realty Fund and Dutch pension fund asset manager APG.


Located in the high security zone in Airport there was a need to give maximum security to the business visitors at the Hotel. Keeping in mind the security of the visitors in their hotel, it was difficult for the hotel to have a proper security systems align despite have security cameras deployed in the hotel at every nook and corner. Keeping a tab on each guest was a cumbersome task for the hotel staff. There was need of a full proof solution that helped the hotel staff to locate the client and keep a check on his/her background, moves and activities et al for the safety of all the visitors.


Understanding the need of the hotel and the requirements, NEC India deployed high performance Face Recognition Solution (FRS) technology at Lemon Tree Hotel chain of hotels in Delhi, making it the first in the hospitality sector in India to adopt the top-end safety and surveillance systems. The solution is deployed with NEC’s partner target vision, and intelligently matches faces appearing on the hotel surveillance cameras to a database list of potential security threats provided by local authorities.

The solution can also be utilized for whitelist management, offering customized service to the VIP guests at the hotel simply by recognizing their faces. The strength of NEC’s Face recognition technology lies in its tolerance to poor quality, highly compressed surveillance videos and images. This technology can even use poor quality webcam images to produce the highest search results per second, and can recognize altered faces too with a high level of accuracy. The FRS can produce search results quickly, even when linked to a massive database of over 1.6 million records.


Before deploying the FRS the big challenge for Lemon Tree was how to get the ROI, and getting our own security establishment to train on Face Recognition Solution. We had to configure our own training progress on how the security guards react on alarm.


This biometric technology is one of the finest technologies developed for the hospitality sector. Having 26 hotels in 15 cities across India, the safety and security of the guests are prime importance and the solution has helped us to keep a tap on the visitors to the hotel. We have got local benefits and we will get bigger benefits when we will take it national. This is currently is more of preventive security measure.



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