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Dell Introduces Future-Ready IT Solutions

Dell has announced new products and solutions to help global customers on their paths toward software defined data centers by bridging the IT gap between traditional and new application requirements.Dell_PowerEdge_FX2 Dell is helping to address this continuum with future-ready IT solutions, including new converged infrastructure architecture, storage solutions, and workload- specific appliances to help customers transform their data centers, capture cost savings, and ensure their businesses are competitive.

“Dell is placing customers first and delivering IT solutions which allow them to transform and future-proof their data centers without having to sacrifice the past,” said Marius Haas, chief commercial officer and president of enterprise solutions group, Dell. “The new solutions announced today showcase Dell’s commitment to helping customers prepare for a software-defined data center and truly allow them to optimize their environments to meet specific workload needs.”

Today’s data center is evolving and businesses are facing pressures to support existing application requirements while using IT in new and exciting ways – all within financial constraints. Typically, customers must choose between a variety of system architectures, including best-of-breed hardware and current converged infrastructure, as the base of their data center operations.  The next-generation Dell PowerEdge FX architecture is Dell’s revolutionary approach to converged infrastructure with one common modular and scalable platform with servers, storage and networking integrated to help customers better manage, scale and budget for infrastructure to meet business needs.

“In the past, as our VDI environment grew, my team was forced to make a forklift upgrade of our shared storage systems to keep up with demand,” said Kyle Stewart, Technology Manager, Overlake Hospital. “With the Dell PowerEdge FX converged architecture, we now have a platform that scales linearly and significantly reduces the impact of an outage.”

Dell Continues to Redefine the Economics of Enterprise Storage, Lowering Cost Barrier for All-Flash Storage Arrays

Dell, first to introduce all-flash enterprise arrays for the price of traditional HDD solutions, today announced a new Dell Storage SC Series all-flash array configuration for $25,000 (US), making it one of the industry’s lowest-priced all-flash enterprise arrays. Offering a more economical starting point for flash performance to support demanding applications, the Dell Storage SC4020 Entry-Level All-Flash configuration offers substantial performance improvement over spinning disk solutions.

Dell Supports New IT Approaches with Web-scale Converged Appliances

Dell also announced worldwide availability of the Dell XC Series of Web-scale Converged Appliances, which integrates compute, storage and hypervisor resources into a single offering. The XC Series appliances, powered by Nutanix software, benefit customers with an integrated IT approach that offers enterprise-class storage for virtualized server and VDI environments with simple deployment, management and scale as needed. The new appliances are available in five models designed to support different workloads.


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