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UPCDA focuses on forming district associations

Uttar Pradesh Computer Dealers Association (UPCDA) is focusing to unite the computer dealers across UP region and is working on to making district associations to tackle district issues at their level. Rohit Kohli, President, UPCDA is taking a positive initiative and is working on to unite the community.

As a representative of his association, Rohit Kohli’s motive is to bring computer dealers on one platform and discuss issues of channels and computersvendors, online trading, incentives, service, and backend as well as bottom-line issues. He aims to come to a mutually agreeable conclusion and help the community to work in a positive environment.

“As the President of the association it is my responsibility to look after the welfare of the community,” says Rohit Kohli, President, UPCDA.”We are working towards achieving our goals and targets set for this year while uniting the dealers and working on forming district associations. It is a joint effort with the state because we want our members to work in a positive environment and not face any problems.”

While focusing on the issue of online trading, Shiv Shankar Singh, Joint Secretary, UPCDA along with association members has written a letter to the UP Government to intervene in the issue. The group has asked online players to open their offices in UP and do the business ethically. “We have approached the government and has initiated talks with the government officials to ask Online players to open their offices in UP and do the business. The traditional retailers are losing their business at the hands of online players,” informs Shiv Shankar Singh.

Presently the state association vision is to resolve state-wide IT dealers’ issues and is trying to get the industry united to fight for their rights. The association is also emphasizing on the role of dealer and vendor relationship. Shiv Shankar Singh emphasized that the relationship between the dealer and vendors has to be cordial. It is the need of the hour to bring about a united vision in the community and work towards achieving common goals.

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