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Lenovo launches 3 SCD stores in Delhi

Lenovo has launched three smart connected devices (SCD) stores in Delhi-NCR. Following the success of first SCD store in Pune, the three additional stores are an integral part of Lenovo’s strategy to win in the PC+ era.Lenovo_SCD-store_Delhi_1

The stores serve as a one stop destination to cater to the technology needs of all users, through new and exciting form factors including Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. The highlight of the new retail format is a dedicated zone for shoppers to experience audio, gaming and other product usage scenarios. Lenovo will consciously look at malls and high streets to launch the new format stores owing to the visibility and high footfalls offered by these locations. Lenovo plans to extend the format to other markets such as south and west regions through a total of 40 stores this year.

Shailendra Katyal, Director, HSB segment, Lenovo India said, “As we make stronger inroads into the exciting world of PC+, we want to offer our customers a one stop experience through our Smart Connected Device stores. Our products are becoming sleeker and smarter and we believe that the retail experience should match our future-ready portfolio. We are investing in areas such as product innovation, retail innovation and new markets to build a brand that is regarded as a smart connected devices player. Our new store will help showcase a holistic PC+ range to our customers through a refreshing format.”

The 3SCD stores are located at Delhi’s prime areas and malls including Nehru Place and V3S Mall inLaxmi Nagar. The layout and design of these storesare akin to Lenovo’s Smart Connected stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo and the US. Offering a solution- based approach rather than feature selling, the store provides consumers a ‘touch and feel’ of all products.


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Vinay Shetty Regional Director- India & South Asia, ASUS Technology Pvt.Ltd

Vinay Shetty Regional Director- India & South Asia, ASUS Technology Pvt.Ltd

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