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Eset organizes Roadshow in Delhi

Eset, the security solution provider has announced the Eset roadshow aimed at engaging and energizing the consumer retail channel and distributors on Eset products and services. This unique program is designed to directly engage with the channel, distributor and consumer to help them bring more sales during the festive season.eset

The program also empowers partners with additional sales support, and creating hype in the market. The objective of the program is to make the partners confident about the product they are selling. The promoters will be working with the partners, educating them about the product & its features followed by reaching to the end user knowing their experience.

Along with the campaign Eset is also distributing the scratch cards to the end users with 45 days and 90 days validity. “Through this activity we are going to the IT shops and educating the partners about the key features of the product as most of them are not aware of it and focusing only into selling the boxes,” informs Pallav, Marketing Manager, Eset. As part of the campaign each team or distributors will visit to select retailers and educate them about the Eset offerings.

This roadshow will continue from Delhi to Chennai, Kolkata and will be going to Hyderabad followed by other class B and C cities later in October. The program will engage the channel partners from Pan India to motivate them on sale, even the partners appreciate such branding activity from the Vendor to help increase business in their region respectively while creating a demand pull.

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