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Cherrypick launches Cherrypick Box

Cherrypick technologies have launched CHERRYPICKBOX V1.0, a 360 degree Enterprise Digital Platform. The development of the platform took 18 months and enables complete digital transformation of an enterprise.cherrypickpng

Businesses can integrate messaging, emails, documents, task management, forms and workflow and integrate their existing web apps and mobility into a single seamless platform. This will improve efficiency in leaps and bounds. Businesses can also save significant costs.

Cherrypick has also pioneered a technology that “Creates a loosely coupled virtual collaboration space” between two enterprises without having to share a server located in a common location. What this technology means to businesses is that they can collaborate with each other without having to share sensitive data on the cloud.

The technology will also let large companies create collaborative environments across the globe by having multiple nodes. In certain industries, this will help them comply with local regulation with regard to location of sensitive data and yet create a collaborative mechanism for sharing. Cherrypick has filed a patent for this unique technology.

It will enable research students and supervisors located across India and Australia to collaborate. This platform will also help IITB-Monash to completely eliminate all its paper based forms.

Prof. Mohan Krishnamoorthy, CEO, IITB-Monash Research academy, said that “Given that our operations are spread across two continents, 8-10 different institutions and several departments, we were searching for collaboration platforms/tools that would enable us to be more effective. Until we came across Cherrypickbox we were unable to satisfy our expectations and specifications. Cherrypickbox is just the platform we were looking for and we do believe that it will enhance our productive tremendously.”


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