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Future Netwings focus on Infrastructure As A Service

Jaideep Chakraborty shared his operational focus as a Solution Integrator
Jaideep Chakraborty shared his operational focus as a Solution Integrator

In a candid chat with Sudeshna Banreajee the Managing Director of Future Netwings Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Jaideep Chakraborty shared his operational focus as a Solution Integrator where he feels cloud base service will take over the market in terms of cost and manageability. He also disclosed the company has a challenging market in terms of clients and large projects.

What is your big focus area of operations in the solutions space?

Infrastructure As A Service, Virtualization, Remote Technical Support, Data Centers, Green IT are some of the big focus area of operations we are looking.

What kind of vendors are you working with at present? How is their support?

We are working with Cisco, Citrix, HP, Tyco, Commscope, Moxa, Echelon. One of the reason we have tied up with these OEM’s is their structured and superior quality of support (presales and post sales)

How do you look at upcoming technology trends in India?

Customers will move towards cloud based services for advantages in terms of costs and manageability.

What are some of the big technology pain points while implementing a solution for an Enterprise or SMB customer?

More than technology, the pain point often lies in inadequate pre-project planning from both SI and client side. Project components are often finalized based on limited knowledge of latest technological trends. Sometimes customers tend to buy new products or cheaper products which don’t have a defined/reliable support structure. OEM training and support for new products and technologies also sometimes become a pain point

Please share details about your operations – how many people do you have, how much is your revenue? What are your plans to increase the revenue and growth for the company?

Our operation in India is HQ at Kolkata and in South East Asia it is HQ at Singapore. We have 100+ Manpower with a turnover of USD 4million. We are confident of a revenue growth of 30%. We are starting operations in Indonesia and Malaysia soon. We will be focusing more data center solutions. We believe that our knowledge in energy management and BMS solutions will help us clinch data center deals.

Any new area of operation that you are likely to add in the coming months?

Large Scale rollout of Infrastructure As A Service.

How is Future Netwings Solutions positioning itself in this space?

We are eyeing the Infrastructure As A Service business in a big way. Collaborating with partners like Cisco who have a finance model (Cisco Capital) which will help us to make the initial investment. We are in advance stages with our banks for initial investment required.

How is the data center technology evolved over the past recent years? How is it different and more efficient now?

Modular and Ready-to-Fit data centers are now available. Hence time and expertise required to implement a DC solution has become simpler. Data Center Infrastructure Management software are available which can better manage DC’s. Energy savings solutions have made DC’s more efficient.

What are some of the big priorities of an enterprise while designing their data center?

Availability and efficient management of power are the big prioroties.

What is your go to market strategy in solution space?

We are focus on the new technologies. Invest on internal resource capabilities for new technologies. Taking the new technologies to customers and convincing them how it will improve their business efficiencies.

As you are into various services, which segment is giving you the highest business and which segment you find as a growing market?

Virtualization and Data Centers from IT & ITes customers is a growing segment.

How do you find the eastern market for Solution Integrators?

It is a challenging market in terms of clients and large projects. The region has advantages for availability of good quality manpower at relatively lower costs resulting to business advantages for our remote technical support business.

What is your roadmap for the year?

We are focusing to increase our international footprints. Strengthen our design and consultancy/Solution architect team for new technologies.

Is there any untapped market which Future Netwings is focusing presently?

Emerging economies in South East Asia

As a customer centric organization, how do you provide your service and support to the clients?

All our contracts have defined Service Level Agreements (SLA) which is strictly adhered to by our team. We have very good remote support tools for monitoring and 1st level trouble shooting. Support tracking is automatically done through our ticketing and escalation tool. Project management is done through online project management software.

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