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Big Thumbs Up to Tablets

Big Thumbs Up to Tablets- market research firm Gartner
Big Thumbs Up to Tablets- market research firm Gartner

PCs, tablet shipments are set to be nearly even in year 2014, according to latest data from market research firm Gartner.

With tablet shipments catching up to PCs, and smartphones continue to soar, Android operating system looks to be the big winner in this next generation game of convergence-friendly devices. However, market research firm Gartner also points out that Apple has a big advantage among its competition in navigating the mobile transition.

With the fast pace of consumerisation of tablets, it’s only a matter of time before tablets really begin outselling traditional PCs as we know it. According to research firm Gartner, tablet shipments will pull extremely close to laptop and desktop shipments by the end of next year. Gartner is forecasting 289 million PCs and 276 million tablets shipped in 2014.

As far as shipments are concerned, last year 341 million PCs shipped, compared to 120 million tablets. Gartner says it’s expecting a pretty big drop-off in PCs by the end of 2013, with 305 million shipped. Meanwhile, tablet shipments will continue to soar with 201 million this year.


Gartner OS forecast for 2014

Driving this convergence of multiple level of devices, Android is predicted to be the winner overall, shipping on over 1 billion devices by the year 2014. This includes PCs, smartphones, tablets and ultramobile devices (which Gartner defines as Chromebooks and other thin, hybrid devices). Additionally, Windows is expected at No. 2, with Apple’s iOS and OS X operating systems together at No. 3, predicted to be on 354 million devices shipped by the end of next year.

All this really mean that tablets are surely going to stay in this market scenario as more and more customers are set to embrace the small form factor, as a result big form factors such as traditional PCs are likely to get diminished to a bare minimum in the years to come.

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