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Transit Focuses on Security for Growth

Transit Focuses on Security for Growth- Dipesh Dasadia.
Transit Focuses on Security for Growth- Dipesh Dasadia.

At a time when the enterprise community is looking at security as a critical segment, Ahmedabad based Transit Electronics is going bullish on the security segment and the company’s CEO Dipesh Dasadia believes in providing customer satisfaction and for that goes upto any length and breadth. The front runner in safety and security solutions in Ahemdabad and Jamnagar, Transit Electronics needs no introduction. The company is doing exceptionally well in its domain and fetching good results. In an exclusive chat with Dipesh Dasadia, Bhawna Satsangi finds out the company’s growth strategy.

Please throw light on the working model of Transit?

Pioneer is the key word for Transit Electronics Pvt Ltd. as the company championed in the sector of security and low voltage system integration for more than 2 decades. The reliability of our company has been sufficiently tested by our client in all over India. We are having strength of more than 150 people and branches in Ahmedabad and Jamnagar. Our company has proven record of executing the most challenging projects successfully. We provide security to the 4 sectors: Public- government organization, universities Private-corporate companies Commercial- malls, diamond institutes Residential.

What are the challenges that you face in the security solutions market?

Security market in India showing healthy growth over last few years with little to no impact due to recession, in general security products namely CCTV and access control system have the “pull effect” from the markets, consumers and business are look out of the security products. The most of common products lines we provide are IP CCTV and Recording Solutions, Access Control Systems and Auto Gates, Fire and Intrusion Alarm, Public Address and Conferencing Systems, Building Management Systems, Pro Audio and Board Room Solutions, Networking (Wired and Wireless) and Security Solutions and Project Consultancy.

As a solution provider what are your major shortcomings that you face in the Networking sector?

There are two major shortcomings one is man power and the other is quality work. Getting the right people is always a challenge. Though we have our own training center where we train people yet the right man power is short. We are trying to overcome this challenge. The make-up knowledge of proper networking is also a challenge. Many a times in the organizations owner himself doesn’t know the importance of data transfer so the importance of I infrastructure is not understand by them because they may not understand full fledged component of the product or the brand so in that scenario the requirement of the quality product is necessary. IT budget is another constraint in the networking sector.

What is the revenue model?

We have incur 15-20 percent growth annually last financial year from annual maintenance contract, from corporate and government 60 percent and the balance from rest of the industry. On an average we have been doing good business and last we have crossed Rs.40 crore and next fiscal year we are targeting Rs.80 crores mark.

What are the solutions that you give to the clients?

Our sales department staff first visits the customers’ place for the survey and gathers the requirements of the customer regarding those requirements we provide the solution to the customer. We provide very effective solution to our customers, to install the system is not only the task we perform we also provide the maintenance and service to the customer after the installation.

What strategy did you develop while giving solutions to the networking sector?

The network has never been more difficult to secure. Networks are more complex, with more end points, connections, applications and data to monitor, threats are more sophisticated, and there are more forms of threats and more security breaches than ever before. There are new regulations to address. And while mobility returns many strategic benefits for the enterprise, the use of wireless LAN and wireless WAN creates constantly changing network perimeters and new challenges not found in world of wired networks. And if a breach does occur, the financial impact can be devastating.

Two activities are core in helping enterprises address network security. The first is a thorough assessment of your network today to uncover and address any existing vulnerabilities. The second is the day-to-day 24x7x365 monitoring of the network for security incidents-from rogue access points joining your wireless LAN to the loss of a mobile computer with highly sensitive company data or the introduction of a virus into the network.

How much time is required for the process to undergo and what are the benefits one can get?

The period varies from project to project. Normally it takes 2-8 months. Our methodology is to understand the exact requirements of the clients and then made him understand his requirements with conceptual solutions so that they don’t spend anything extra. We suggest them feasible solutions and create nesting relationships with our customers.

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