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Novire betting big on mobile, cloud, big data and IoT to ‘ignite’ innovation in logistics


IoT in Logistics is crucial to Digital India, says Hiten Varia, Chairman, Novire Technologies Discusses why the usage of emerging technologies in logistics is crucial for the success of the Make-in-India programme and showcases examples of leading companies accruing significant business benefits by implementing its innovative logistics solutions, at its Annual Customers Meet Leading tech firm Novire Technologies Pvt. Ltd, …

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Tech Trends 2017


Content will be the king of 2017 – With the explosive growth in mobile internet, the preference will be for trending, relevant, portable, even ‘disappearing’ content available right at the fingertips. The one- size-fits-all approach no long works with more and more users seeking content that is unique, authentic and speaks to them directly. Brands will experiment with ways to …

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Digital transformation will drive industry in this year

Dipankar Ganguly

2016 will be the year of Visualisation and DevOpps, along with  Big data, and advanced agile , in addition to digital transformation, says Dipankar Ganguly, Chief Engineer, Ness Software Engineering Services, and adopting digital transformation is perhaps the most key element of providing the state of art value added services How far do you think India has utilized the power …

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How Cloud Lends Strength to Data Analytics


The utility of analytics, the strength of Big Data or the efficiency of the cloud needs no more discussions. Like repetitive media reports, they keep playing over and over again, till all the eyeballs that needed to be caught are there, and  the subject itself arouses no curiosity. Indeed, the topic of Big Data drives very little unique learnings or …

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iPredictt launches India’s most advanced Marketing ROI tool using Big data


MMM+ factors in social media impact on marketing channels , bringing in a new dynamic to rank marketing spends MMM+ uses data transformation tools to derive equated scoring of spend channels iPredictt Data Labs, an innovative big data analytics provider of machine learning software to solve the complex data challenges, announces the launch of iPredictt MMM+, an advanced prescriptive media …

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Infor Announces Infor CloudSuiteTM Retail


Infor, a  provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced Infor CloudsuiteTM Retail, a new  suite of enterprise applications delivered in the cloud and designed for today’s retailing landscape. In addition, Infor announced the formation of a dedicated retail business unit, operating with the nimbleness and flexibility of an independent start-up, with access …

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Fujitsu World Tour 2015 Showcases Iris Authentication and Haptic Display Technologies in India


Fujitsu India today announced the commencement of the Fujitsu World Tour India  under the banner ‘Human Centric Innovation in Action’. The tour, featuring national and global experts, will be held in Mumbai and Delhi and is expected to attract more than 500 attendees this year.  Fujitsu World Tour in India gives delegates a unique opportunity to find out how Fujitsu …

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Dell Simplifies Big Data and Analytics Processes for New Hadoop Users


Dell today announced a new solution for Hadoop, co-designed with Cloudera and Syncsort and powered by Intel, that streamlines the planning, design, construction and deployment process of transforming data into a ready state for analysis, then loading it for business reporting or for querying; a process known as ETL (extract, transform and load). Many customers want to adopt big data …

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HP Announces New Products, Services, and Developer Programs for Big Data


HP unveiled new products, services, and programs around data and analytics to build new products and experiences. In a press release, the company announced: A new release of HP Vertica, which will feature data streaming and advanced log file text search to power high-speed analytics on Internet of Things (IoT) data. Extensive support for and contributions to open source technologies, including …

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Security for Big Data and analytics is Paramount


Founded in 1994, Clover Infotech has a strong presence in India, Singapore and the US. Offering support and service expertise over multiple technologies including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Open Source, Clover is equipped with ISO 27001 delivery centers that offer end-to end IT services to over 180 customers across geographies and verticals.  As a solution support provider, Clover Infotech focuses …

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