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Artificial Intelligence A Business Imperative


AI may not be new in itself, but businesses across verticals and size, are increasingly adopting AI technologies for several functions. ITPV takes a look at what is driving this trend and what AI applications we are likely to see in the near future. Most people associate AI with technology giants. However, AI is not exclusive only to those with …

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How will AI Change Human Life?


Enterprise could do well to explore areas where AI can collaborate with humans to produce products that will create markets, not merely sell products. When mobility came into our lives, it was a novelty. When artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly adopted for human life, it is rocket science. What is it that makes enterprises and societies sit up and take …

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Future of robots – artificial intelligence (AI), and the need for R&D, according to IEEE

Robotics is by its essence a multidisciplinary science. Research into autonomous navigation gathers knowledge from physics, electronics, mechanics and computer science. In the transportation sector the motivation for developing autonomous vehicles is driven by safer roads, better traffic management systems and energy efficiency. However as technology evolves there are other types of opportunities arising in the future. In hardware terms …

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