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Providers can increase their profitability with IBM’s solutions.

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Security being the key focus area, we did a video interaction with Mr. Vaidyanathan R Iyer, Security Software Leader, IBM India/South Asia on what are the key focus area for IBM Security and how they see their partners in the security space evolving in the AI era. Don't be shellfish...FacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterestStumbleUponTwitter

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Will Cloud-Based Services Make Operating Systems Irrelevant?


The death of operating systems and unique platforms has been incorrectly predicted by people for years now, but this time there are great chances of it actually happening. As we enter 2019, it’s becoming increasingly clear that cloud-based services are rendering the value of proprietary platforms much less relevant for our day-to-day use. The real work of what we do …

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Personal Robotics on the Rise


The idea of a “sociable” robot with whom we can have relatively natural interactions has been the lore of science fiction for decades. Interactive robotic machines have been the stuff of our creative imagination right from Lost in Space to Star Wars to WallE and beyond. However, we will start to see more practical implementations of personal robotics devices in …

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On-Device AI and Data Privacy Concern


The amount of our private data being shared through the usage of tech-based devices, mobile applications, and other cloud-based services is and sometimes even without our knowledge in the least understood aspect of it. However, we’ve all started to become painfully aware of how big (and far-reaching) the problem of data privacy is over the past year. Owing to this, …

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2019 might be a Fight Between Foldable Phones and 5G


2019 is predicted to be one of the most important and exciting years for the tech industry. While there will be the official debut of two very exciting technological developments in the mobile world: foldable displays and smartphones equipped with 5G modems, there will also be critical enhancements in on-device AI, personal robotics, and other exciting areas.   Several vendors and …

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Arcserve Predicts Public Clouds Lose the Battle for DR Budgets; Names the Trends that will Rule Data Protection in 2019

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   Last year was one of substantial change in data protection as organizations grappled with new privacy regulations, exceedingly sophisticated ransomware attacks, and cloud-first disaster recovery strategies that ushered in unexpected costs and heightened risks of data loss. Arcserve, LLC, the world’s most experienced data protection provider, names three predictions for 2019 and their impact over the next 12 months: …

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Tata Communications discovers digital transformation disparity in new study


Decision makers are optimistic about the impact of AI, IoT, predictive analytics and blockchain on business and society – but cost and security concerns and lack of skills are barriers to adoption ‘The Cycle of Progress’, a study by Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, reveals that leaders have vastly different takes on their organisation’s digital transformation compared with the managers …

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Jordon De Leon, Senior Analyst, Canalys, speaks to Amit Singh to highlight the teething channel conflicts and how vendor-partner relations have transformed over the last few years What are the key changes you have observed in the vendor-partner relations over the last few years? The key change we are seeing is that vendors are transforming their businesses rapidly, moving from …

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Are We Witnessing a New Low in Vendor-Partner Relations?


The market has changed, business models are changing and emerging technology means a constant re-evaluation of product and services offerings. Definitely, these changes are impacting the vendor-partner relationship. At a time when several thorny issues are stoking partner ire, we probe the health of vendor-partner relations in its current phase By Amit Singh After their marriage, a channel partner’s relationships …

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Agrahyah Technologies, a leading solution provider for Voice first platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, launches India’s first ‘Voice Agency’


The agency to assist brands toactivate their vocal power for customer engagement and unlocks potential to reach beyond the English speaking internet users Agrahyah Technologies, a Mumbai based software and content company, announced India’s first ‘Voice agency’, with a vision to provide brands an innovative and inclusive strategy to leverage the power of voice assistants to engage their customers. Over …

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