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83% Indian IT security practitioners believe managing privacy & data protection regulations in cloud is more complicated than on-premises networks: Gemalto and Ponemon Institute Study


Half of global organizations believe that payment information (54%) and customer data (49%) is at risk in the cloud Organizations in India (73%), US (73%) and France (82%) believe that the management of user identities is more difficult in the cloud than the on-premises environment  Over half (57%) think using the cloud increases risk of compliance breaches Gemalto, the world …

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Top 5 Game Changers for 2018


By David Meads, Vice President – Middle East & Africa, Cisco I am fortunate in my role to have the opportunity of speaking with some of the best Chief Information, Technology, Security and Digital Officers in our region – many of whom are trailblazers leading the charge to redefine their businesses and industries during a time of unprecedented change. Many …

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BIS Research anticipates stringent regulatory framework around Anti Money Laundering in India


Noted business intelligence player’s latest report on the Global Anti-Money Laundering Software market compares pre and post demonetisation scenario Global market intelligence, research, and advisory company BIS Research released its latest report, “Global Anti Money Laundering (AML) Software Market – Analysis and Forecast (2017-2023)”, projecting that the sector would reach a size of USD 1.4 billion by 2023. This growth is expected …

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Outlook 2018: Data Technology Trends that will redefine the way Companies do Business


In the ever-changing IT landscape, 2017 was no different. This year has witnessed many disruptive technologies emerge and make headlines worldwide. Terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud and Blockchain became the brainstorming topics of discussion for boardrooms across the world. These technologies will continue to impact businesses and will certainly become integral parts of companies’ plans to lead in …

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Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2018

Anand Ekambaram

Anand Ekambaram, Country Manager, Tableau India Data is invaluable to all companies, from budding startups to global enterprises. This growing commodity is triggering organizations to deploy BI solutions that will elevate and accelerate data-driven decisions. Successful organizations are prioritizing a modern BI approach, and in turn, priming their workforce to be the most analytically savvy generation ever seen. For a …

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Juniper Networks 2018 Predictions Security Thought Starters

Juniper Networks

Network on the Hook to Secure Enterprise IoT IoT devices have been a cause for concern for consumers for the past several years now; however, we are just starting to see the impact that insecure IoT could have on larger targets, including enterprises. For an already burdened security team, the increase in insecure IoT network connections adds another set of …

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Digital Payments in India to Supersede Cash & Non-Digital Payments by 2022, IDC Reports

Digital payments

IDC Financial Insights has released its perspective on payment industry in India titled The Future of Payments in India: More Spectacular Growth Ahead, that highlights the key trends in the digital payment space and their impact on the payment industry. This report shows the spectacular growth of noncash, digital payments in the once hard-to-crack market. This IDC Financial Insights report discusses …

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Trends that will be shaping the IT industry in 2018


We are in the last quarter of 2017 and we could definitely say it’s been an eventful year for IT industry. We have witnessed companies going digital and taking data-driven business decisions. But every good comes with bad, 2017 will also be remembered as the year of high profile breaches and malicious attacks- the era of smart hackers, polymorphic threats …

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Key Technology Trends for 2018


By Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President, ManageEngine – Division of Zoho Corp. Growing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning with data analytics, and business intelligence: Business applications continue to churn out large volumes of data, and users are trying to mine that data to determine patterns and predict user behavior. In ecommerce, users want to know customers’ buying patterns, which will …

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Outlook 2018 – Key trends in the Indian Information Management domain


For businesses and governments in India and around the world, the need for effective Information Management has never been greater. Organizations are inundated with a tsunami of data as information flows in and out of their organizations from disparate sources.Most of this data requires immediate action and therefore is driving businesses to evaluate mechanisms which can help them converge their …

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