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Technology aiding creativity- IT in the Ad world


Once a purely creative field manned by highly committed and dedicated professionals (much like healthcare and education), advertising has today gone the way of all industry- technology enablement has changed its face like all sectors that are in business.  While most applications are common across industry, advertising is a slightly late entrant on the IT bandwagon. However, almost a decade …

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Digitization is the way forward


Clover Infotech, a technology service provider founded in 1994 by Javed Tapia, one of the founders of the open source revolution in India, is a Platinum partner of Oracle and Gold partner of Microsoft, with partnerships with  SAP, IBM, SAS, and Splunk etc. In the dynamic enterprise scenario, they see  more traction in the market in developing and maintaining applications, …

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Vamsi Krishna, Vedantu Innovations On e- Learning


The transformation from classroom learning and tuitions to e-learning aids must not be easy. What challenges did you face? Vedantu is on a mission to make market place for teachers model a game changer in India. The biggest challenge in realizing the mission was changing the behaviour of customers towards personalized LIVE online learning by ending their apprehensions. We are …

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Enabling the Cloud Increase Efficiencies


Set up in early 2013, Sysopminds Network Pvt Ltd., was conceptualised to fill the gap of service management   in cloud infrastructure and development operations services (devops) that its founder  Ganesh Hariharan, CEO and saw. Today Sysopminds caters to a rapidly growing breed of new technology companions that adopt the cloud as a part of their enterprise processes, sometimes even to …

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RIMS is the way forward


Ahana Systems was started in 2000 with focus on Remote Infrastructure Management and Training Services.  Now Ahana System has grown both in terms of revenue and service lines as also geography.  Mr. Uma Shankar Malligere, CEO and Founder Director of Ahana Systems and Services, Bengaluru talks about his plans, Indian Market and opinion on Indian services. With respect to Ahana’s …

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Security for Big Data and analytics is Paramount


Founded in 1994, Clover Infotech has a strong presence in India, Singapore and the US. Offering support and service expertise over multiple technologies including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Open Source, Clover is equipped with ISO 27001 delivery centers that offer end-to end IT services to over 180 customers across geographies and verticals.  As a solution support provider, Clover Infotech focuses …

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Cloud rules SAP, and Arteria


  With buying patterns going increasingly towards the mobile and social networks taking over all kinds of business operations, it is time for a long hard look at how enterprises work. SAP has a good basket of products that address the issues of the changing business dynamics. Sriram Kanuri, CEO of Arteria Technologies, feels that going forward the new markets …

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SEC Communication- Government is our largest buyer


SEC Communications Pvt. Ltd was formed as a venture of Southern Electric Corporation, a pioneer in the Western region in the telecom and cabling industry. In 1997, the company  ventured into video conferencing with the objective of providing innovative, high quality videoconferencing solutions that enable   customers to facilitate faster decisions and enhanced productivity. Since then, SEC Communications has been a …

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New Efficiencies Drive Older Technologies

Big Data and its rapid expansion in enterprise needs better, faster server power. That is why even though cloud is the buzzword, the demand for automation has been rising among both business and scientific environments. The future will see an even larger growth in physical server shipments, says   Sandeep Lodha, VP Sales & Marketing, Tyrone Systems.        Big …

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Relevant marketing strategies drive growth

Proactive launched its operation with an investment of Rs. 1 lakh, 18 years ago. Starting with products in the field of communication, Proactive added different products to the portfolio, start focusing on structured cabling, and were the second AT&T system integrator in the North. They moved on to products cable tron, switches and routers. In 2002, Proactive became a premier …

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