Starting Smart


As far as startups go, Cube26 has done some interesting initiatives already. Tying up with academics and research may be just what the industry needs, and this cognitive intelligence company has realized this early on. Cube 26 has created a partnership with IIIT-Hyderabad to initiate research on cognitive intelligence. Nurturing resources that are skilled in both industry and research will …

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It’s a Sterling Bond with Lenovo

Rajesh Kalra

Lenovo has been a fine partner, says Rajesh Kalra, Director, Sterling Infoway. The trick is to ensure all channels work in tandem, and have growth plans that are in sync, he says. Tell us something about sterling’s business – conception and growth through the years? Sterling was started in 1995, almost immediately after my college. When we started expanding in …

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Specific Tools Will Get Best Analytics Results


  Analytics is an extremely fast growing field of technology, as well as a business tool for enterprises that like to keep ahead of the pack. But it’s best advantages can be derived only with the right tools and creating specific solutions to resolve business problems, says  Ajith Nayar, Marketing Director, Manthan. It is only then that its full potential …

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Lenovo provides us Peace of Mind


  Growing from strength to strength with Lenovo’s support, Pankaj Sanchetti, Owner, Comprint Computers, says it’s time to focus more on smaller businesses for growth. It’s not only about selling a product, it’s about selling the concept of a return on investment, he says. Tell us something about the beginnings of Comprint’s business – conception and growth through the years? …

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Channel Profitability is the focus in Lenovo’s Channel Programs


IT is fast growing as a consumerist market, today each consumer owns four devices, we need to be able to cater to this new market and be the trusted brand end- to end for our customers. Lenovo has a presence in almost all spaces from consumer to enterprise, and the partner ecosystem is greatly benefited with that, says Vasudevan Subramaniam, …

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Keeping up with technologies, changing product mix and continuously offering new products, value addition and technology increments has been the strategy for CDP India, says Nikesh Sakaria, Managing Director and CEO at CDP. 1. CDP was born in 1991, when IT services and especially ISP services barely had a market in India. How did you manage to grow in the …

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India is 90% digital already

Rupak Ghosh

  Urbanization is affecting Indian cities in a big way. India loses almost 60k crores annually in traffic congestions. If infrastructure expansion alone is considered as a means to address this challenge then India would need approx. $1 Trillion in the next 5 years says Rupak Ghosh, Vice President at Cyient.  However, a good framework of smart transportation initiative can …

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Constantly Keeping Up with Change

Sanjay Patodia

In a constantly evolving industry scenario, SI galaxy automation has the task of reinventing themselves constantly, to be able to stay afloat and make money. Sanjay Patodia, CEO, Galaxy Automation, shares his views on industry trends and how their association with Lenovo has added to their market share. Tell us something about Galaxy Automation? Galaxy automation is a three decade …

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Our win-win philosophy keeps us in the Green


TriCad Computers has been providing a diverse range of IT products and services in myriad areas of IT automation for enterprise. As a partner to Lenovo, TriCad believes that every client has a unique requirement and deserves a unique solution and combination of technologies. Navneet Sharma from TriCad Computers speaks to ITPV about the trends and products n the industry. …

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Growth driven by support


The hardware market in India still hasn’t been tapped, says Vishal Sopory, CEO at IRIS Computers. When that happens, there will definitely be explosive growth. With support from Lenovo, growth is anyway on the cards but the objective is to grow by at least 50% over the next fiscal. 1. Tell us something about Iris Computers’ business, and your association …

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