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In conversation with Adam Paclt, CEO, IceWarp


IceWarp is  a highly integrated mailer server provider headquartered based in United States  It offers an all-in-one mail service platform with collaboration solution that enables their customers ‘s workplace to communicate through email, team chat or through mobile synchronization, SMS, Voice or Video calling with cloud security with advance threat protection. IceWarp’s  solution has entirely changes the concept of how …

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Majority of the AI Revenues in India is Accounted for by Small Start-ups: Gartner


Arup Roy, Vice President, Research, Gartner, during a conversation with Amit Singh revealed that AI start-ups are so far grabbing the limelight with their innovative solutions. He also underlined that India’s success in AI space depends on the government’s commitment to lay down clear guidelines and framework How is AI landscape taking shape in India? AI in India is most …

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Businesses should not have Unnatural Expectations from Automation: Haptik


Kartik Poddar, Business Head, Haptik Infosystem, during a brief interaction with Amit Singh highlights that Indian chatbot (conversational AI) industry is at par with global markets in terms of technological progress as well as potential market size, however, cautions that businesses should not have unnatural expectations from automation Experts consider chatbots as the fastest growing AI technology in India. What …

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We are working to develop self-reliant AI systems: Artivatic Data Labs


Layak Singh, Founder & CEO, Artivatic Data Labs in conversation with Amit Singh shares that while India is still at a nascent stage of AI adoption and maturity; Artivatic is actively working towards developing self-reliant AI systems Where do we stand today with respect to AI adoption and maturity of the technology in India viz-a-viz globally? India stands at a …

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We are Seeing Distinct Ecosystem of Start-Ups Emerging as AI Solution Providers: IBM


Anand Haridass, Chief Engineer, Cognitive Systems, IBM and Viswanath Ramaswamy, Director, Systems, IBM India/ South Asia, in a joint conversation with Amit Singh, highlighted that traditional IT channels have a long way to go in the AI space and to gather skills in AI framework, processes, and algorithms. At the same time, they recommended channels to build synergy with AI …

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Building IP is Becoming more Important for Channels: CA Technologies


Tanuj Vohra, Senior Vice President and Head, India Technology Center, CA Technologies, spoke to Amit Singh on why AI is critical for IT channels and building their own IP has become crucial for them. He also highlighted that it is important for channels to prep the data, and make sure they understand the business needs rather than diving deep into …

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Hyper-Convergence can drive efficiencies of Future Enterprise


Reducing costs of space, resources and cooling, hyper- converged architectures could be the drivers of much higher efficiencies in enterprise of tomorrow, say Rajesh Ramani, Regional Director, CSPD, Dell EMC, India Customers need the flexibility of putting the workload in their own environment on their private ground or on public ground. Eventually is that HCI technology today is intelligent enough to …

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Alibaba: Data Is the Biggest Driver for Enterprise Today


Alibaba has recently launched 9 new products in the enterprise space, to support in various stages of digital transformation. We spoke with Dr. Derek Wang, Chief Cloud Architect, Alibaba Cloud International, on the strategies, the differentiators and his opinion of Indian enterprise’s state of profitable adoption of the cloud. What role does cloud play in digital transformation? We are in …

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Rana Gupta, Vice President, APAC Sales, Gemalto


Rana Gupta is a professional having worked in the areas of use of Licensing and Protection Technology for the IPR Protection & Monetization, and Information Protection. He currently works with Gemalto as APAC Vice President of Sales for Identity and Data Protection.  Don't be shellfish...FacebookLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponTwitter

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Outdated Security Architecture, Controls have Increased Risk Exposure for India


Nilesh Jain, Vice President, South East Asia & India, Trend Micro, in a brief conversation with Amit Singh spoke on the transformation of India cybersecurity and application development landscape over the last few years What are the changes Indian cyber security industry has observed over the last few years? During the last few years, there is a heavy emphasis on …

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