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Ransomware kits on the dark web have allowed cybercriminals with little or no technical background to purchase inexpensive ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) programs and launch attacks with very little effort. Attackers may use one of several different approaches to extort digital currency from their victims. The global reach and considerable impact of the WannaCrypt (WannaCry/Wcry) ransomware is a wake-up call for organizations …

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The Future of the Cloud – Decoded


India is seeing a huge trend of virtualizing infrastructure trend in data centres, on the way to the cloud. With software-defined everything (SDx), virtualization is happening in storage, security and networking as well, creating the SDDC.  Clearly, digital disruption is the way forward for Indian enterprise. But the public cloud isn’t always the most suitable solution for various reasons. HPE …

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Evolving Threats need Cutting-Edge Security


eScan, one of the leading anti-virus & content security solutions for desktops, Smartphones and servers, is developed and marketed by MicroWorld. Powered by technologies like MWL Technology, DIRC Technology, NILP Technology and sophisticated Anti-Virus Heuristic Algorithms that not only provides protection from current threats, but also provides proactive protection against evolving threats, it has achieved several certifications and awards from …

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AI and Humans Will Make Great Partners!


The age of machines is certainly upon us, but not as a Sci- Fi. AI should be interpreted as AUGMENTING INTELLIGENCE, helping the human do better at what he or she is doing, and with balances and checks in place for security of near future generations, AI could make a great team partner, says Ullas Nambiar, VP Innovation & Head …

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Understanding process most critical for process automation


Srividya Kannan, Founder, Avaali Solutions, talks about the state of information management in enterprises today, and, what it takes to ensure RoI when implementing information management based process automation. What are the primary concerns around information explosion in enterprises today? In the last few years, the world has become increasingly interconnected. Information now comes from people, processes, devices, and from …

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AI Will Reshape Enterprise over the Next Five Years


Over the   next five years, AI will achieve  accelerated growth with greater reception and practical implementation. Although AI will impact majority of industries, the ones that will be greatly dependent on AI in next five years will be automotive industry, education sector, financial services, financial advisory and healthcare, says  Gopalakrishna Bylahalli: Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, IT Services …

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New TP- Link Stands for being Smart, Progressive & Human


With a proven heritage of stability, performance and value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of products that meet the networking needs of all individuals. Now, as the connected lifestyle continues to evolve, the company is expanding today to exceed the demands of tomorrow. Mr. Bill Ye, Country Manager & Director, TP-Link India in a Candid Chat shares company’s channel strategy …

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Open Source is here to stay


  OSS is the technology of choice for a number of enterprises across verticals and of course is no longer the nerdy choice! It offers a number of advantages and most companies are coming to realize its benefits more than ever before. With the government firmly backing them, and almost all areas of enterprise adopting OS, it’s not a matter …

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Hyper Convergence – the enterprise tech of tomorrow


  EMC India’s new elucidation of converged infrastructure has created interesting opportunities for enterprise. Mr. Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director at VCE highlights and explains the converged infrastructure technology and how it provides a flexible, fast, cost-effective new model that allows  CIOs, IT teams and application admin to focus on innovations and business expansion. Convergence is definitely the technology that will …

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Faster, Smarter Ways To Network


As enterprises transform digitally, the role of network IT continues to evolve from a behind-the-scenes contributor to an increasingly strategic player. Organization needs underlying network architecture, including automation, which supports business agility. Swapna Bapat, Director for Systems Engineering, Brocade India , tells us how Brocade supports this transformation. Do you think increasing efficient Data Center technologies will add life to …

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