Wednesday , 26 July 2017


We stand out #1 in virtually every aspect of client and enterprise computing

Srihari Palangala

Srihari Palangala, Director and Head of Marketing, Dell EMC, India, spoke to Amit Singh on how the focus has changed with the formation of Dell EMC and how the company is leveraging its #1 position as a key differentiator A lot has transpired since the Dell EMC formation. Please let us understand how has the focus changed with Dell EMC? …

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Murugesan Ram, Director – Sales & Marketing, Belden India & SAARC On Channel Strategy

Mr Murugesan Ram Sales Marketing Director Belden India SAARC

  1. What are Belden’s priorities for the Indian market? What new opportunities do you see in this dynamically growing region? Automation and orchestration are becoming high priorities for Indian CIOs and to address this, highly reliable networks are needed. Tremendous growth in mobility and increased adoption of unified communications, cloud computing and collaboration services offer huge opportunities. India is …

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Betting big on software-defined security in India


Riyaz Tambe, Head, Systems Engineering, India & SAARC, Palo Alto Networks, spoke to Amit Singh about the company’s emphasis on software-defined security and the increasing opportunities for partners Please explain how the security landscape is transforming in India? India is on the fast track to modernizing the way it conducts business. Digitization has been a key mantra of the central …

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Scott Manson, Cyber Security Leader for Middle East and Turkey, Cisco On New ransomware attack – “Petya”

Scott Manson

Cisco’s security research organization Talos’ initial analysis of the global ransomware worm attack that has affected multiple organizations worldwide points to the attack starting in the Ukraine, possibly from software update systems for a Ukrainian tax accounting package called MeDoc. This appears to have been confirmed by MeDoc itself. MeDoc is a widely used tax software used by many organizations in …

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Increased number and usage of apps driving need for availability solutions


Ashok Acharya, Regional Director, India and SAARC, Veeam Software, talks to ITVARnews on the trends in availability solutions, and the company’s channel approach. How has the demand for availability services changed in the last few years? We have seen a lot of changes over the last three to five years. People are using software more and more these days, now …

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Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, at Fortinet On Software Defined Security


  What are the drivers for software defined security? IT organizations have gained significant benefits as a direct result of server virtualization. Server consolidation reduces physical complexity, increases operational efficiency, and provides the ability to dynamically re-purpose underlying resources to quickly and optimally meet the needs of increasingly dynamic business applications. These are just a handful of the gains that …

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Ransomware kits on the dark web have allowed cybercriminals with little or no technical background to purchase inexpensive ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) programs and launch attacks with very little effort. Attackers may use one of several different approaches to extort digital currency from their victims. The global reach and considerable impact of the WannaCrypt (WannaCry/Wcry) ransomware is a wake-up call for organizations …

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The Future of the Cloud – Decoded


India is seeing a huge trend of virtualizing infrastructure trend in data centres, on the way to the cloud. With software-defined everything (SDx), virtualization is happening in storage, security and networking as well, creating the SDDC.  Clearly, digital disruption is the way forward for Indian enterprise. But the public cloud isn’t always the most suitable solution for various reasons. HPE …

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Evolving Threats need Cutting-Edge Security


eScan, one of the leading anti-virus & content security solutions for desktops, Smartphones and servers, is developed and marketed by MicroWorld. Powered by technologies like MWL Technology, DIRC Technology, NILP Technology and sophisticated Anti-Virus Heuristic Algorithms that not only provides protection from current threats, but also provides proactive protection against evolving threats, it has achieved several certifications and awards from …

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AI and Humans Will Make Great Partners!


The age of machines is certainly upon us, but not as a Sci- Fi. AI should be interpreted as AUGMENTING INTELLIGENCE, helping the human do better at what he or she is doing, and with balances and checks in place for security of near future generations, AI could make a great team partner, says Ullas Nambiar, VP Innovation & Head …

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