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Reliance Games to foray into the Augment Reality and Virtual Reality Space Partners with GoPhygital

go phygital

Reliance Games, a part of Reliance Entertainment – Digital, the digital entertainment focused business of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), today announced its foray into the fast growing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality space by announcing its alliance with GoPhygital, a Mumbai based venture focused on creating immersive AR, VR and MR experiences. According to a recent report by …

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Microsoft and KidZania share good practices for holistic and collaborative cyber-physical safety of children


According to Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, Sr. Psychiatrist, Paras Hospitals, “As parents we need to be more attentive and alert about our child’s surroundings both, in the cyber and physical worlds. We must watch out for behavioral change caused due to emotional or physical abuse, and we must adopt preventive measures. The most common warning signs of abuse in cyber as well as …

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DivorceKart – India’s first app for legal queries on Divorce –


Divorcekart is India’s first legal app that focuses on answering legal queries regarding divorce instantly. The App which is available free on both IOS and Android platform is going to serve as an online help platform for those couples who may feel that the marriage is over, and are unsure of their legal rights and process if and when they file the …

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Diverging Cryptocurrencies – The future of Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are on two different paths for now. You might not expect miners to leave “cash” on the table, but according to estimates, they are leaving lots of it. Rather than mining the original BTC blockchain and make money from it, many miners choose to earn less by directing computing power toward Bitcoin Cash (BCH or BCC), …

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Business benefits of using Mobile CRM


The number of mobile users around the world has increased tremendously as compared to the number of PC users. Mobile penetration is far more than the PC penetration, having a mobile CRM helps its users in more ways than can be envisioned. Moreover Mobile is more utilitarian and economical as compared to PC or a Laptop.  Of course, there are …

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LIKE video editing app with Sci-Fi 3D Magic Effects!

Like app

An innovative breakthrough A video editing app featuring out of the world 3D effects, sounds like a dream realized for many enthusiasts. LIKE app has stirred the video editing app segment by becoming the first app of digital India with inbuilt Sci-Fi 3D Magic Effects. The idea of LIKE app has clicked with over one million users in the first …

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The infamous “OurMine” group strikes again. Social media accounts of Sony’s PlayStation hacked. Hackers suggest Sony take their help to protect the data.


Just a week after HBO’s Twitter accounts got hacked by OurMine, the group has made it to the headlines again by sabotaging the Twitter account of Sony’s PlayStation. OurMine is a security group that hacks into prominent accounts for publicity and business. They have previously hacked into Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg and Games of Thrones’ social media accounts. The hackers …

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Online-Offline Mix Reaps Success; B2Badda goes Hybrid; Opening Outlets Pan-India


After successfully introducing the concept of e-Distribution in India, B2Badda has adopted a Hybrid model experimenting with a blend of online business guided by offline experience zones at strategic locations. Hyderabad is the latest city on the list. Less than a month ago, B2BAdda opened its first experience zone in Karol Bagh, Gaffar market – the electronic wholesale hub of …

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IEEE unveils Generation AI: ‘A study of millennial parents of Generation Alpha Kids’


IEEE Examines How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Impact the Lives of ‘Generation Alpha’Children in the Future  Majority of Millennial parents would consider an AI tutor for their child, prefer AI — not their children — provide care in their golden years  From childcare to healthcare and pet adoption, Millennial parents see Artificial Intelligence technology enmeshed throughout the lives of their …

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Technology solutions such as the futuristic Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System with Open Loop Smart Cards and QR Code tickets will establish a new benchmark for the transit industry and pave the way for smart travel in India. In view of this, AGS Transact Technologies Limited (AGSTTL), recently ventured into the mobility business to foster smart travel and will be …

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