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GST Implications and Budget 2017 Expectations


itVARnews speaks to IT industry bodies and many industry players to understand possible implications of GST. We also collate a budget wish list. After the liberalization of 1991, the GST is perhaps the most anticipated economic reform. So much so that more talk is centered on GST, slated for June 1, 2017 rollout, than on any other aspect of the …

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Majority of Indian Companies Not Sufficiently Equipped to Meet Employees’ and Customers’ Mobile-Driven Demands


71 percent of Indian companies are still in the nascent stages of adopting solutions to enable a truly mobile workforce Local enterprises must look beyond basic enterprise app management by truly integrating identity, application and enterprise mobility management to stay relevant VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today announced the findings from a …

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Smartphone market drops by 30.5% in top 50 cities of India, after a bumper festive season in Oct: IDC India


According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Monthly City Level Smartphone tracker, smartphone sales within the leading 50 cities of India fell by a whopping 30.5 percent month on month in Nov 2016 over Oct 2016.This downward trend can be attributed to demonetisationand resulting cash crunch along with the cyclically lean period after festive season in Oct. According to Upasana Joshi, …

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7 Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2017


Running a business in the era of accelerated (and sometimes exponential) change may be exhilarating, but it’s also unnerving—especially if your core business has nothing to do with hardware or software. The best advice to keeping in step with these seven trends is deceptively simple—be resilient and fearless, as one Silicon Valley mantra goes “fail forward.” Parascript, the pioneer in …

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Three DevOps Predictions for 2017


Continuous testing, security of code, and metrics pegged as hottest trends in DevOps this year CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced three trends in DevOps it expects will come under the organizational spotlight in 2017. DevOps removes the silos between the development and operations teams, advocating better communication and collaboration between the two units so organizations can achieve greater digital …

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From fake ads to AI enabled social engineering, the security landscape is set for another turn in 2017. Here are some predictions we have collected from three information security companies. If it’s December, we know it’s time for next year’s predictions. Perhaps no other area in IT has CIOs and business stakeholders alike worried, than security. Understandably so. Security breaches …

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Data Centers Are Opening Up, Here’s Why


ITPV takes a look at the changing data center environment, with the coming of open standards based data centers, potentially freeing data center operators and businesses from vendor lock-in. In some sense, data centers are the last bastion of proprietary, or vendor locked-in technologies in enterprise IT.  Concepts of agile IT, elasticity and open, turned from buzzwords to de-facto adoptions …

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Outlook 2017 –Key trends in the Indian Information Management domain


The business case for digital transformation has never been more clear or compelling. Today, organizations are dealing with a data deluge, as they are inundated by unprecedented levels of unstructured data, resulting in ‘Data Chaos’. In the struggle to rein in data chaos, organizations are scouting for viable technologies that can seamlessly integrate with legacy infrastructure, while ensuring efficient streamlining …

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Demonetization to Propel Mobility, Security Markets in India: Galaxy


2017 to witness increased focus in app security and boost in IT spend due to GST Galaxy Office Automation, a leading IT Solutions provider, today reveals industry trends, analysis and predictions for 2017. The top five technology trends to gain traction in 2017 will be Mobility, App security, Analytics, Automation & Enterprise security. Galaxy also lays stress on the Indian …

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We’re moving further into the cloud era and that creates challenges and opportunities for organizations using and delivering cloud and co-located data center resources. Infrastructure technologies and associated services continue to evolve to deliver the speed, security, flexibility and efficiency data center operators require today, whether they are managing a data center that relies on the cloud or developing the …

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