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Artificial Intelligence in Government and Business

Since inception, artificial intelligence has garnered much interest within the technology sphere. Artificial intelligence has been perplexing great minds since the 1940s, including Turing and McCarthy, who started the conversation about whether machines can think for themselves and how this progress can have a significant impact on our lives for the better.


Recognizing the enormous awards that AI can bring, the UK government has worked through initiatives across the country to increase awareness of AI. Following a public inquiry into the use of AI, in April 2017 the House of Lords produced a report to promote the technology’s advantages in a bid to encourage national adoption.In addition, the Home Office has already developed its own AI system to track online extremist content. The technology eliminates the need for staff to trawl manually through page after page, which may take a human hours to find explicit content.

Instead, AI can find hazardous pages much faster, more efficiently, all while being extremely cost-effective in the long run. Similarly, AI for business works to free up working professionals ‘ time so they can focus on what they do best— interacting with other people to sell more products.

Many companies that have already integrated AI into their work have praised their ability to generate hyper-relevant leads by searching for complete CRM systems, avoiding the technology’s easy completion of monotonous work by staff.

It is clear that artificial intelligence benefits society enormously. It will continue to impact society as technology develops and grows, from major medical breakthroughs to freeing up time for employees to focus on high-value work.

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